Friday, January 20, 2012

Giving up Kraft Dinner+Nominated for WeBlog Award!

Andrew and I are at our two week "no boxed, no pre-made meals" life change! Go check out our progress and the tasty recipe I'm sharing at my post on the Green Phone Booth!!

I also want to quickly say a big THANK YOU to the lovely reader who nominated me for a Canadian WeBlog Award! Imagine my surprise when Roseanne from It's All Yoga, Baby mentioned on twitter that I had made the shortlist of the top 5 nominees! I'm so honoured to be mentioned next to four other fabulous blogs in the "Best WeBlog About Ecology and Social Justice/Écologie et justice sociale" (one other being from Halifax!).

Check out the other fantastic nominees:
Adventures in Local Food (Ecology Action Centre in Halifax)
Eco Logic
Eco Mama

Again, Merci!

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