Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yoga Drive Implosion- YDI

I have a confession: there are certain situations surrounding yoga that cause heightened levels of frustration and, let's be honest here, anger. I've mentioned this before- there is nothing that pushes my anger/frustration button than being unable to get to a yoga class in time (either because I can't physically find the space or because of traffic).

This typically results in my arriving at the studio after spending a good chunk of time swearing and yelling and gesturing frantically in the car while Andrew looks on in a concerned fashion (ok, I am not unstable, we all have our buttons right?).

Some yoga studios in Halifax are virtually unaccessible sans car... and it just feels so wrong to hop in my carbon spewing car (no matter how efficient it is), spend 20min driving and contributing to carbon dioxide count in the air for a yoga class where I will attempt to spend 60-90min "connecting" with myself and my planet. 

If I have to drive to yoga class, I'm already a bit on edge. Follow that up with a good dose of "where's the yoga studio??", add in "Type A Yogini" and you've got a fabulous result.

Tonight, Andrew and I were going all the way out in Dartmouth to All Yoga for a Karma class supporting Make-A-Wish Foundation. Unfortunately, we got completely lost and spent over an hour driving before we found the studio. At that point I was so tense and angry, the fact that the studio door was locked was the icing on the cake. So- we took our 20$ and my business card (I was expected to show up for this class), slipped them under the door so we were still contributing and went home. 

Driving for no reason. Almost as bad as idling the car while waiting for something.

I've found the best way to burn off frustration? Sweaty Yoga. 

So- I rolled out my mat and practiced until my brain and body were tired. As winter grows nearer, I'm finding my spirit and body are craving a more intense, steam blowing practice. Thank goodness when I actually DO find the studio in time there's a yoga practice as a result to stave off the "Yoga Drive Implosion" or "YDI".

Anyone else feeling this?

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  1. Well, one thing that stirs my anger even more, as I've written about, is when I'm biking to or from class and a careess driver nearly plows into me (or, in one case, actually did sideswipe me) (or, in another, knocked my handlebar), leaving me quite incongruously flashing the bird and screaming obscenities with yoga mat on my back...

  2. That sounds about no fun! And I agree - getting to yoga should NOT be stressful.

    But how tricky when some studios are only accessible by car, and traffic is dodgy! And how disappointing to not be able to go to an event that you really wanted to get to. Boo!

    I tend to only go to studios I can get to easily via public transport or cycling. Probably because I don't have a car, but still... I wouldn't make myself trek too far for a workshop or class.

    Driving really, really is a hot button for a lot of people, too. So don't feel bad about that.

    Here's hoping for some more soothing yoga class experiences for you very soon xo

  3. your teacher often feels like this too, desperate to find a decent and accessible studio to teach in :)

  4. These are the days you say, "F*&$ it" and do YogaGlo. LOL!!!


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