Friday, November 18, 2011

Fun Eco-Treasures!

Being environmentally friendly can be pretty darn fun! Here are some fab recent finds to my eco-treasure trove:
 A beautiful wrap bracelet for my birthday from "Happy GoLicky". Made from hand-dyed silk and recycled silver. I've been drooling over this bracelet for months on Etsy, and the lovely Husband took the hint :)
 Gorgeous gold leafed birch bark earrings made by a local Haligonian Artist- Theresa Capell. Her etsy shop is filled with delicate beauties! I found my earrings at LoveMe Boutique!

 A vegan Matt&Nat utility belt. I love how there's recycled plastic AND that there are spots for "emergency crayons".
 Lily Lotus bamboo, made in USA fantabulous top. I adore this sparkly jewel. The second photo is the sparkles on the BACK of the shirt! Lily Lotus makes fun and fabulous yoga apparel and are extremely trendy here in Halifax. I found mine (and the Matt&Nat belt) at the lovely Bhavana Yoga Boutique.

There you have it!

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  1. i LOVE the utility belt! happy bday!

  2. Great braselet... really look so ethereal

  3. Those are all great gifts!! Crayons in your belt could make for an easy way to appease an uncooperative kid or for an impromptu art session!

    Love the bead work.

  4. Ohhh, love the shirt! Love eco-friendly clothes.

  5. Lisa I wish I had your dedication to fashion...your belt is fab and I definitly should have gotten the holster/tool belt. fun day of shopping despite the fever. xo


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