Friday, October 14, 2011

Eco-Halloween Treats+Tarot Readings!

On the 14th day of Halloween....

Eco-tip for Halloween!
Bake some goodies (cookies, funky cake pops, apples coated in chocolate or caramel!), place in cute paper bags with these CUTE trick or treat tags and hand these out to trick or treater's that you know. A challenge I've always found is that often eco-halloweeners are disheartened by other parents paranoia around non-packaged goods (ahhh- poisoned homemade cake pops!). To get around that, have one (smaller) stash for stranger danger parents and your awesome package-free stash for people you know.

Remember, do NOT give the little trick or treaters an option- they never have to know that you had an alternative stash!

Tarot Readings! 

(As before, add your question and I'll do 2 readings next week!)

Rachel's Question: Some general advice on moving forward through the autumn without anxiety (re: workload).

Middle Card: The Situation at Hand
The Sun (major arcana): The Sun card generally indicates clarity and material prosperity. In this instance, I was thinking about how excited you are about this new step in your career and how it will bring you happiness despite the work needed to get things going. The Sun here seems to say: take a moment to acknowledge the happiness and prosperity this new step will bring you. :)

Card to the Left: The Unconscious Energies that May be Influencing the Situation:
The Empress (major arcana): The Empress here signifies powerful emotions and passion that surround the situation (anxiety on the unknown with regards to the new career, the amount of work, whether you made the right decision and *knowing* you made the right decision). You can use these powerful emotions to help energize your path. The Empress shows that you can embrace life in all its messiness and horror fully and without reservation. (it also may reveal motherhood....?? ;) ).

Card to the Right: What Can Help in the Situation:
Eight of Wands: Wands represent action and the element of fire. The card signifies pure energy, movement, a person who is strong-willed but acts according to thoughtfulness. As a card that can help it suggests that by using the other two cards as support, with a good solid plan, you'll move through all your activities this fall and be successful. The Eight of Wands also suggests a movement towards stability, which would imply perhaps making a plan to start evaluating what you can eliminate or delegate from your commitments to make your autumn more practical and manageable.

I hope that was helpful!

Bohemian Mom's Question: Should I move myself and my daughter out of our area to a bigger, more lucrative city or should we stay put as we're always moving?

Middle Card: The Situation at Hand:
Two of Wands: Wands represent action and the fire element. This card represents a desire to balance two desires; the first decision would be to stay secure and the second to go out and seek adventure. This card is acknowledging that you're struggling with a choice and (perhaps?) feeling the itch for adventure. As a fiery card, you should be careful to seek wisdom and balance before making this choice.

The Left Card: The Unconscious Energies that May be Influencing the Situation:
The 10 of Cups: Cups signify emotions and the water element. It represents happiness in family life, fulfillment and emotional possibilities in simple pleasures. Is one of your reservations about moving that you and the little chickie are settled and happy now?

The Right Card: What Can Help in the Situation:
The 3 of Pentacles: Pentacles signify wealth and the earth element. This card signifies work at a high degree and people working together. What I'd gather from this for you, Boho Mom, is that the choice really will have to be yours to make gathering wisdom from your work and financial situation, the emotional pros and cons of moving and feeling content with your fiery nature. Perhaps considering what city you were hoping to move to? (Not Halifax, let me tell you- not so prosperous on the job front right now!) Not exactly a very decisive reading... are you still feeling quite vague about it?

Happy Magic!
(ps- my tarot deck is the Revolution Tarot :) )

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  1. Wow lady - blow my mind. It does make sense, every word of it. Some clarity there for the first time in a long time. Some bang-on information to process and think about. You are awesome and generous to do this for me. Thank you a million times over!
    You totally and completely rock!
    Happy Weekend!!

  2. Thank you so much, that is so helpful... I'm thinking the motherhood thing is metaphorical??!! :D

  3. Oh wow! Thanks so much for your sweet link to my tags. That was so nice of you!!! :)

    I love the trick-or-treat idea. I wish we could have a more personal Halloween - sans individually-wrapped candies! LOL. But I think many of us are working on that, and that's a wonderful thing!

    Love the readings, too. Fun!!


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