Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Salutation Bicycle Nation: Practicing Yoga with Intention

As a non-studio specific yogini, I like yoga events that are not 'studio' centric.

A great example is the Global Mala Project. A global initiative on the Fall Equinox (September 21st) where yogis across the world practice yoga together in the name of Peace. The essence isn't to get together, hang out and practice some free yoga, but to inspire action, fundraising and community connection for our Planet. Something I can get behind.

Sadly, Halifax had one studio who participated with limited between-studio linkages, participation and results. As far as I can tell, the entire event has been dropped.

This weekend, I received a facebook invite to something called 'Salutation Nation; Neverending Ohm'. You can probably guess- sounds lulu-esque huh? Yep, sponsored by Lululemon, this (free!) one hour yoga class happens on September 10th in Canada and the US, outside and led by one of Lulu's ambassadors. Guess how many people are signed up? So far in Halifax over 200 people have confirmed attending, with over 80 maybe attending. Myself included.

I'm happy to practice outside amid so many yogis (did I mention it was free?), but I'm a bit disappointed that a clothing store with an event that doesn't take advantage of gathering so many yogis together, was successful at creating a yoga community event where the yoga studios were unable.

This event could have so many positive (and environmental!) spins to it- I'm left utterly confused why the goals are: 'Join your community and move, breathe, connect and get your downdog on!' Sounds a bit like a yoga professional networking to me.

Here's what would be even more"ohmtastic":
(please feel free to steal this little badge- I made it just for you!)

'Salutation Nation Ecofied':

Leave your carbon monster at home and take the true Yogic Transportation:
Your Bicycle.

Nothing beats coasting to an outdoor yoga class on two wheels, a nifty helmet and a cute dringdring bell.

All yogis attending 'Salutation Nation' I challenge you to step up and Ride Your Bicycle to Yoga. 

Make this event about more than just a yoga class, about a commitment to our Planet.

Who's with me?

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  1. This is awesome! Bookmarked.

    Thanks - Matt

  2. I'm actually supposed to be assisting at Salutation Nation in Philly on Saturday, and I'm planning on biking (about ten miles) to get to it...though the strange flu-like symptoms I'm experiencing could throw one or both of those plans into question...

  3. Me!!! It's the perfect transport, even in the rain your journey is a real achievement!
    I'll pop it on my site :-)

  4. @Matt- thanks :)

    @Dr Jay: I was thinking about you when I wrote this- and your MAD bicycling skills. I actually felt a little bad that the badge is kinda girly. Sadly it took HOURS to make that badge and I couldn't find a not-gender specific yogi.... :S
    Let me know how it goes!

    @Clare: Yay!! :)

  5. OMG, can we really use the badge?! Too cute! I love it. You know I'm in! I don't leave home to practice, technically, but if I did, I'd ride! :)

  6. I'm going to be missing my Salutation Nation b/c I have to take the elf to his baseball game. But I'll be doing 3 free classes for Yoga Month. ;-)

    Have fun!!

  7. love the badge and your wonderful initiative! have you heard about moving planet, an international day of action to move beyond fossil fuels?

    i bike everywhere and am starting to mourn the end of summer and the impending time to put away my bike... i still have another 6 weeks or so. but i'm not looking forward to returning to public transit...

  8. @Five Seed: YES!!! Most certainly, so glad you like it :)

    @Flying Yogini: very fun and very community! Do you get to Bike to them?? ;)

    @Roseanne: Ahhh Montreal has the BEST bicycle lanes. I wish Halifax had them. At least the snow will stay away for another bunch of weeks eh? And, at least the metro kicks butt :)
    Thanks for the link- I love it!! We don't have an event in Halifax... but maybe YITP could participate....


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