Wednesday, September 14, 2011

J'me 'garde dans la bourrique

Bourrique: n.f. Nombril (terme enfantin). Historique: Depuis 1925, expression vulgaire pour nombril. Paraît être une variante des formes "bourit" ou "bouril" au sense de "ventre, abdomen" relevée dans les parlers de Saintonge.
Dictionnaire du français acadien,Yves Cormier

Bourrique: Childhood term for belly. Historic: Since 1925, lay expression for stomach. Appears to be a variant of the forms 'bourit, bouril' in the sense of 'stomach, abdomen' from the speakers of Saintonge.

In the past few weeks, predominantly the last few days of this Harvest Moon, there's been quite a bit of introspection bouncing around. A looking inwards, gazing at my mystical belly button. Ma bourrique. Coumme si ma bourrique y'avait les réponses... 

Several things have come out of this:
1. Upon much thought, yoga and I will remain together. We just need to set new boundaries and expectations. A slight reshuffling of priorities and yoga's place in my life, yoga to a 'miniscule' and no longer a 'majuscule'. I'm pretty happy with this new step.

2. Since yoga has taken a side step to 'miniscule', it's time to begin shaping and molding what my spiritual practice truly shall be. Exploring my connection with the Goddess only had a brief time to grow before Yoga à la majuscule 'Y' left no space for Her.

3. I need to begin reshaping my place in the world. For the first time in my life my future is settling down, growing large roots with the potential to get dusty. I'm married, I have a full time job and am thinking qu'un jour j'serai enfamille. Big Life Stuff. I imagine myself ten years ago and I had ideas of where I might go in life, write music and perform, travel to see Ireland, something a bit more glamorous. Don't get me wrong, I've traveled and met l'houmme de mes rêves, but will there be more? Just a slight mental readjustment of reality shifting into place and saying 'Hi!' to my dreams.
(A little pumpkin trikonasana pour vous!)

The waning Harvest Moon, the last full moon before the Fall Equinox on September 21st, is a beautiful time to begin an examination of one's mystical 'bourrique'. A time of closing up shop, reigning in and contemplation. Summer is waving goodbye for another year and my favourite season, Autumn is stretching Her arms to play :)


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  1. Brightest blessings to you during this season of change and growth. ♥

  2. Ok, I'm so terrible about commenting because it just stills feels weird & a bit stalkerish to have conversation into the void. But I'm trying to work on it because I love comments.

    All this to say that I so know that feeling lady. It's a weird, foreign place, but a good place to realize that holy shit, I'm here, now it's time to settle into having realized past dreams and start new dreams!

  3. I'm thinking my next video blog post will be a belly/goddess meditation! Funny how we ladies our often aligned in our moods--speaking of which, I completely understand #3--my roots are starting to stifle me a bit, time to reroot.

  4. It's good to check in with yourself and know what you need to do. We all feel better about ourselves when we're listening to our gut instincts.

    The only *BUT* kind of comment I'd make here is this - to me, yoga is all about the connection to the Goddess.

    For mine, it doesn't really matter what you call Her. Most of my fellow yogis and I call each other "Ma", regardless of whether or not we have kids.

    We do this in recognition of the creative Goddess energy that is present in all things at all times. But also because we recognise each other as an aspect of the divine.

    Just sayin'! ;)


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