Friday, September 23, 2011

A Glimpse of the Highlands

After a long 6 hour drive home, I'm finally back in my own space. Some thoughts to come on "owning" environmental resources and the right to create and modify policies to come this weekend.

First though, I managed to make it to the Cabot Trail, even though I only had time to drive about 30 minutes in. Unfortunately, what with work, I couldn't even contemplate a voyage to the Red Cap, where Pema Chodron's Buddhist temple resides. Regardless, the aren't giving tours right now...

Here are a few pictures I was able to snap. I sadly didn't see a moose (although other guests at the B&B did!), or whales... but the view from up above was phenomenal. At one point, the clouds were literally gracing the tree tips and my car. The pictures really don't do it justice at just how high up I was, barely minutes out of Chéticamp. It's worth a click to make them bigger- trust me :)

 The very beginning of the park, those are the beginnings- towards Chéticamp.
 The first ocean picnic-ing place about 5 min drive in.
 A random 'Inukshuk' someone had left.
 I snapped this as I drove, if you look closely you can see the ocean, hundreds of metres below as the road winds through the highlands.
 That ocean sur is far down. The beauty of the highlands is that in a few short weeks, unlike the furry mountains in BC, they will burst into reds, oranges and yellows since they're covered in leafy trees. Also, interestingly enough, that many leaves means there was a constant almost ocean-like sound of the wind through millions of leaves.
 A zoom in from my camera to the ocean.
And this is my customary boat shot in Chéticamp for my dad :)

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  1. Wow--awesome pics--though too bad there's not one of you and Pema Chodron bowing to each other or something...guess that'll have to wait 'til the next trip...


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