Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boat Races: Why I finally understand the appeal of Nascar

Spent a short two days in rural southern Nova Scotia for my cousin's wedding. On our way back to Halifax we stopped in Argyle to hop on my dad's lobster boat and watch the boat races! Unfortunately we weren't very prepared, it was very spur of the moment 'Let's take dad's boat!', so no BBQ, chairs or snacks for us.

Although I had moments of 'OMGoddess, look at all the oil spewing out of those boats, look at all the black smoke, look at those beer cans floating by (douchebag racer was tossin' em in...)' I have to say two days of rural living wasn't enough. I may be a city gal now, but I'll always be a country ocean bumpkin at heart.

 The Camp Cove warf, packed with trucks, people and lobster boats!
 Rainbow traps, they keep changing colour 'trends' from green, purple, yellow to blue. This is dad's section of the warf where he keeps his boat tied up. On our way to hop in!
 Dad is up on the front untying the boat, sadly we weren't allowed up there due to flip flops, but I will point out that most other boats out there had people up on front and top!
 About a quarter of the lobster boats hanging out, waiting for the best view of the boat races.
 The windmills on Pubnico Point.
 This metal weapon is used to haul up the traps and what you can't see is that it's held to the top by duct tape... oh yeah.
 Three young guys chillin' on top of this boat- in sword fishing you can see the fish from up there.
 I love love love the ocean.
 More boats all filled with excited people!
 One of the big racers, 'Turtle' (which didn't win the few races we saw). These boats are specially made to look like the bottoms of lobster boats (obviously smaller versions of what Yarmouth-Shelburne counties have) and tricked out with huge chrome engines. The racers wear helmets and most where ear protection as it's soooo loud. It's like nascar for fisher-people.


  1. How fun! Loved the pictures and reading about/seeing your dad's boat.

  2. country ocean bumpkin! love it! i come from a family of race car drivers, so it's in my blood. i get the appeal. but i still think that NASCAR is the most horribly excessive, consumptive, destructive form of entertainment. we're on the edge of an oil and climate crisis, and we continue to drive cars around in circles, for fun? anyway, this has been a longstanding debate in my family for decades. but racing anything... it is fun to watch!


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