Saturday, June 4, 2011

Special Coffee and Yoga Meetup!

Coffee and Yoga Update!
Yoga and Healthcare? Here in the Canada, healthcare for all isn't always as evident and with the recent cuts to healthcare funding in Nova Scotia figuring out a sustainable system can involve us all. Often we think of Yoga as being an "alternative" to healthcare, but I truly believe there is a way to merge both western and eastern medicine and traditions to find an ideal balance.
 This month is a special Coffee and Yoga. We're so fortunate to have Susan Dunn, Coordinator for Capital Health's "My Health. Our Community" facilitate our Coffee and Yoga meet Tuesday.
  1. What does sustainable healthcare mean  to you?
  2. How does your health make a difference?
  3. What do you need to know to use the healthcare system to the greatest benefit?

Tuesday evening we'll be considering these questions, where does Yoga fit in and how can we make a difference.

Like all Coffee and Yoga meetups, everyone is welcome and it's free! This will be the last "My Health. Our Community" chats until the Fall, so please come on out and join in the discussion!

Date: June 7th (Tuesday)
Time: 7pm


  1. This is pretty cool! I really hope you all in Canada never, ever have to face the kind of rot we have going on here in the U.S. around health care.

  2. Any chance you might summarize this session/discussion and write a post on it? I'd love to hear the thoughts!!

  3. Sounds like it will be great! Sadly I cannot make it...but maybe you can catch me up over coffee someday! :)

  4. @Nathan: thank you! :) Sadly, Canada is quite the two tiered system already... and with budget cuts will continue to move that way. but that's a longer comment :)

    @Simply Authentic: yes- that's a great idea!

    @Alli: sure thing :)


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