Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eco Sparklies!

Ok after some eco failures I thought I'd post some really cute and fantabulous eco-successes!

Did I say I was like a crow? I think I've mentioned it. Sparkly things? Yes please!

You can totally purchase ridiculously cute and funky jewelery that is hand made and sustainable while keeping within your budget. Cases in point:

 My latest fun sparkly finds!
 The birch necklace is handmade and handcrafted by Jasmine Virani in Ottawa (Canada). It is so beautiful and is stunning once on. I fell in love. It's also pretty darn reasonable of a price. (I bought mine at Love Me Boutique, if you live or are visiting Halifax, it's the perfect place to find handmade, funky pieces!)

 These little beauties are the cutest hand made rose earrings ever. You can actually see the fingerprint ridges where the artist hand pasted the roses together. Handmade by "Larque" I can't seem to find her online anywhere. I found mine at LoveMe Boutique for 20$, there's a whole selection of pretty colours.
 These funky felted leaves are handmade by a Montreal artist with recycled copper. Also a ridiculously affordable price, they definitely make a statement. I found these at Katrin Leblond.
The charm bracelet you're all wondering about here is an original. Yep, pure vintage- it was my mom's in the 1970s. The little "hibou" (owl) you see here is my favourite, but what makes this charm bracelet truly amazing is that I have a story for each charm. Like that shovel? Dad gave it to mom while they were dating... it says "I dig you the most" hahahaha. Awesome.

So there ya go! Have any funky new sparklies to share?


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  1. I am obsessed with sparkles and jewelry. I saw my dream ring on a girl at my graduation and I have been searching for it everywhere, pr something that looks similar. This jewelery is really pretty and I love it.


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