Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DIY Fudge-sicles=YUM

I love fudgesicles, and popsicles and yummy homemade DIY-sicles. Oh and chocolate. For some reason I feel like if the chocolate or sweet thing is homemade than it isn't as unhealthy. In a sense I'm right since I know exactly what went into making these sweet snacks and can purchase ingredients in a more sustainable manner.

Also- it helps to have a husband who actually LIKES baking stuff.

Andrew reads "Smitten Kitchen" (as do I) and he decided that it was time to make Fudgesicles. Yay!

 (see that blue vodka bottle? My friend Jen made home made vanilla- it tastes fantastic and was a gift!)

It involved seven ingredients (I forgot to add sugar to this list...), about 20 minutes (max) and a popsicle mold. He followed Smitten Kitchen's recipe (except sans salt since our butter was salted) and within four hours they were ready for sampling.

Ummmm..... can we just say DELICIOUS?

Affordable and potentially much more sustainable, these DIY fudgesicles are a fantastic way to treat yourself. We still have a ton of ingredients to make five-ish more batches easily. Much cheaper than buying them in the store.

Also, now that we know they taste like yummy-ness, more local sustainable ingredients can be purchased. Like using the local milk, fair trade organic chocolate chips and cocoa powder.

If you're thinking of something fun to invest in this summer- reusable popsicle molds are the way to go!


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  1. Yay! I'm so so glad you posted this. After I saw it on Twitter, I thought - oh, I hope she does a post on the recipe! :)

    I am OBSESSED with popsicles lately. It's not even hot around here yet (not until July) but I just want to eat popsicles all the time! I have put off buying a mold cuz I didn't want to buy a plastic one. However, the metal ones require the use of disposable popsicle sticks. So I've made a decision - plastic is the way to go for me!

    P.S. Yay for Jen and her vanilla. She is so awesome! It's funny you mentioned that, cuz I'm about to make some of my own vanilla extract for the first time! Can't wait!

  2. These looks delicious. I might have to make them for the boyfriend. He is a huge chocolate lover!

  3. Reading my mind again! I was just researching stainless steel molds the other day--just don't know if I can get myself to splurge on the $30 for them! But I've been eyeballing them for weeks now :)


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