Monday, May 30, 2011

La semaine de la bicyclette

This week is 'Bike Week' or 'La semaine de la bicyclette' as you say in 'le français'.

Recently Nova Scotia has put forward a law, to be in effect as of June 1st, that all motorists give bicyclette's at least 1 metre of room at all times (check here for a summary of Bill 93).

Now I will admit that last year I had this strange love affair with bicycles, okay honestly I still adore them. But from a lazy person's perspective. I love the IDEA of bicyclettes; how they look, how cute and funky and laid back most bicyclette-ers appear, how NO gas fumes or carbon is spewed out for a trip.
Veronica in her winter 'home'
Last summer my friend Kevin found me the most beautiful bicyclette- a vintage 1970's, almost in perfect condition, Violette Bicyclette (anyone else remember that song?) whom I have named 'Veronica'. She now has a basket, a very cute 'dring dring' bell and a funky original leather seat.

She also weighs about a gazillion tons... Veronica is a big boned violette bicyclette.

I had no idea how her tonnage could have an impact on my riding skills. All summer long I wondered why everyone else was just coasting along, arriving to yoga in the park and hardly breaking a sweat and I was huffing and puffing trailing behind them. I mean, I couldn't be that out of shape right? Maybe I was just a terrible bicyclette rider.

Then... someone pointed out that I was really hauling Veronica's massive girth around with me.

Early fall last year poor Veronica obviously couldn't handle my extra weight and she busted an inner tube. She's been hanging out in our apartment entryway ever since.

Today, in honour of 'la semaine de la bicyclette' Andrew and I walked down to MEC and bought TWO inner tube tires. Unfortunately, as Veronica is a rare and mature specimen, the inner tube tires are also quite rare and unusual. I have no idea if they will fit... thank goodness our friends Jen and Chris are coming over to demonstrate how to change the tire (update: they fit! Although the lesson on changing was valuable, I am so glad Chris was there to help).

Tomorrow will be the second only 'Yoga in the Park' since the season started and I cannot wait. I am going to slug my way there, huffing and puffing, and enjoy a beautiful yoga practice while listening to the powerful waves of the Atlantic ocean.

How are you going to use your bicyclette this week?


  1. My bike is also extremely heavy...but, then, so am I, so it fits. Weather permitting, I'm gonna be riding it everywhere this week...

  2. heheehee that's funny, i commuted via mountain bike for a few years and this year buying my new hybrid commuter bike was awesome - and it's made for being on the road rather than big fat tires and frame meant for bumpy offroad paths. i LOVED getting a lighter weight bike because it encourages me to bike even further :)

  3. As you know, I love my bicyclette. I ride it nearly every day, even if its just to go down the street and buy some groceries.

    Its much easier to want to ride in warmer weather though. And I can't imagine having a "hefty" bike frame to push around. Wow, I guess that's resistance training. ;)

    Enjoy your yoga in the park. It's way too cold for that over here right now...

  4. You had a Tuesday YIP? If only I had known! Ah time! :)

    I tried to put a rack on the back of my bike but sadly I don't have the right tool for the srews so I ahve to wait to finish the job. It will hold my milk crate for my market outings. I am SOOOO looking forward to riding around more this summer!

  5. Yay for biking! I know what you mean about the bike weight. Mine weighs a ton, too. I used to bike with my brother a lot, and he would get SO FAR ahead of me. One day, I was complaining that I wasn't getting in shape and obviously, he was way stronger than I am, and he said, "No, it's just that my bike is really light and yours weighs a ton!" LOL, it does make a difference!


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