Monday, March 14, 2011

Love Yoga... Cuz I Say So.

The discussion from my last post along with a few other posts during last year's blogging entity, have forced me to consider how I approach yoga... and the environment with others.

When I first started practicing yoga it was like everyone *had* to know that Yoga was Awesome. They should just TRY IT. Really. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. No really. I'm not kidding.

If they had a crappy experience, well that was just because they hadn't found the Right Yoga for them, or the Right Teacher. Of course my yoga instructors were always the Right Teachers.

In B.C. I actually taught a few 'intro' classes at our Child Development Centre's gym after work hours for any or all staff who were interested in yoga but too intimidated to attend a class. (Of course it was with full disclosure that I was not a teacher and that asap they should get their bums to a 'real' class).

Once we moved to Halifax... well I had a bunch of other friends who felt the same way and thus weekly Friend Yoga was born.

Yoga yoga yoga yoga.

 Morning of wedding yoga... very much optional for any who wanted to attend...

In the past few years, however, I've come to realize that truly, yoga isn't for every one. And that is OKAY. There are other ways to connect with the self like running, meditation, Tai Chi, Singing, Music, Dancing .... you get the picture. Just because yoga works for me doesn't mean that every single human being on the face of the planet *HAS* to do it or they will never ever reach full happiness. Or whatever. Just because I practice yoga doesn't make me somehow better, or more in connection, with my Self. I am so far from connected it's laughable. How anyone can think they are truly one with self under the age of... I dunno... 60 is beyond help.

Weirdly, now when I hear other yogis trying to figure out things like 'Why isn't everybody practicing yoga?' or 'How could we bring yoga to more people?' it just sounds creepy.

Although similar, the environmental concerns are a bit different in that there's just the added pressure of... oh you know... climate disaster and mass species death and annihilation. And whatnot.

At the same time, I really try *very* hard not to be a walking talking eco-crusader... especially outside of my home. I see stuff I don't agree with at work... and I do what I can without ruffling too many feathers. Like suggesting a reusable coffee filter. Or bringing my lunch and coffee in reusable glass and stainless steel containers. The next post will expound a bit on this topic... but you get my drift.

I heart yoga. Of course I do. But that doesn't mean we all have to :)


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  1. Wow, I think you read my mind. I still preach that anyone can do yoga, but that is far, far different than saying that everyone should do yoga. Yoga has taught me about finding my own path in life, about not blindly following others, so how could I expect others to blindly follow me just because it worked for me? Thank you for saying this out loud. And yes, I also agree with your comment about the eco-side. I look forward to the next post about that.

  2. Your post resonates with me, as a newly devoted yogini, it has changed my life and I'm so eager to share! But as you say, yoga is not the answer for everyone. I've decided I need to approach yoga and my *greeness* the way I approach my faith--through quiet example. If I'm asked questions I'm happy to share, but it's honestly not a great idea to be so pushy about it that I turn people away. I only have to think of a very political friend, and some gung-ho religious nut type friends to have a reminder :)

  3. Amen... I truly believe that in this day and age, there really is a style of yoga that can suit anyone, but it doesn't mean that everyone has to do yoga.
    As a teacher it actually gets a little uncomfortable when someone feels compelled to say to me " I know I really should do yoga but..." No! You don't 'really should' have to do anything, we need to breathe and move and do what we love and what makes us feel connected and centered, so try it and see if it's for you, try a few classes to give it a fair shot but don't beat yourself up about it if what really lights you up more is a run or salsa dancing or whatever, just do it, whatever it is, and do yourself the favour of doing 'it' (or many different 'its') with some consistency...

    Yes, I feel very strongly about this :) especially since yoga has become so mainstream and more than one person has expressed to me that they feel there's almost this pressure to do / love yoga because it's such a 'highly evolved' kind of movement practice but like you said so is tai chi and even dance - it's the mindfulness that makes the magic ;)

  4. i just wish that GOOD yoga was less expensive..............

  5. My friends converted me to yoga and I went in kicking and screaming, but found it truly was the type of yoga and the yoga teacher that makes all the difference. Still, it isn't for everyone. Sometimes it just isn't for that person at the time in that persons life. I'm not sure if it has all of the spiritual benefits it claims, but I do notice that it takes courage to lead with or open your heart on some poses. Its sort of a subtle mind/body/spirit thing.

  6. Ha I love this! I think with any new thing we discover to be absolutely amazing....we want to share it with everyone, especially when we know it could enrich their lives....but I have to agree....getting the blood to increase flow is great for everyone but for some yoga just might not be it. :) Hope you've been doing well! Although I always love when people discover something they love and yoga has a ton of great benefits!

  7. Just like anything new and exciting you want to share, but I learned a long time ago no one wants to be told what to do. Like my hubby, have to let him come up with the idea on his own.
    Now that yoga is so popular I have people telling all about it and I just smile (thinking, yea, tried to get you into it 8 years ago, but whateva!)

  8. Very Nice This Post.....Yoga is not just about standing on our head or bending in all sorts of contorted positions. It is the uniting of body, mind, and spirit.
    yoga dallas

  9. Reminds me of my teacher training. My teacher kept telling us that we would be excited and want EVERYONE to practice yoga, but that it was very important to never force it onto anyone. Because that never works. Let them come on their own. My husband doesn't practice yoga. And, it isn't because the opportunity isn't there ;) He prefers to play hockey and run with the hound. And, on occasion ask me for a stretch that will help his back. Yoga isn't for everyone and I'm okay with that!

  10. Thank you for saying it, if I did all I would get is hostility! ha! Maybe Ashtangis are more intense in this regard as well ... but there is a strong contingent out there who think "yoga for all at any cost" is OK.

  11. I find if a friend nags me to try something because they think it's super awesome, and I say no, and they continue to nag, it really pisses me off! I was like that with sushi, which I have tried a few times, still don't like but I know some people won't get that. No means no! :P


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