Friday, December 17, 2010

A Challenge to Stop Asana

Quiet. Stillness. When was the last time you've taken a few moments to be still and simply "be". We move in such a frenzy, especially this time of year. Oh yeah, we wax poetic about quiet evenings in front of a lit tree- at least we watch commercials about those silent looks, a wink from a mother to her son etc, and somehow these commercials have convinced us it really is happening.

I can tell you that before university, (10 years ago! eek!) my life had a lot of quiet moments. Growing up in rural Nova Scotia means no traffic noises and many afternoons of just looking out over the water, taking a break from playing the piano, solitary walks along the shore. Watching the snowflakes fall quietly over the ocean.

Something happened when I started University- I moved to a city and spent so many hours "doing" instead of "being". Even now, without any children, my life is spent working during daylight hours, preparing for Yulemas during evenings and weekends. It's taken a sick day (hmmm, my body's way of saying "stop!") and some lightly falling snow for me to sit back and be for 15 minutes.

I could do my usual "studies show..." quoting the research that is increasingly showing our children and culture are becoming less connected, having more difficulty with attending and learning.... but ya know. These gently falling snowflakes outside my window just aren't conducive to strong words. 

Sometimes even a physical yoga practice is too much "doing" in our uptight busy world. I challenge you yogis to take that yoga asana practice time you have set aside, and instead make yourself a cup of tea and just sit. And be. Watch the snow fall (or leaves wave depending on your hemisphere). Watch you. Practice a different kind of yoga.

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  1. Love to make myself a cup of tea!

  2. Wow. This post came at the right time. I practice 5-6 days a week and I love it. This past week, I didn't go at all. I took time for myself and spent time relaxing with my husband. At first, I felt guilty for not going, but then I realized that I needed it. And that I was still practicing yoga without having to go do asana! Thanks! I love your blog!

  3. Funny you posted this today. I didn't even start asana this morning until after I drank some tea and did a 20-minute sit. I'm in "getting back to asana" phase, so I am appreciating moving again - but not at the price of sacrificing stillness either.

  4. I often take the time while I am walking to work to just enjoy my surroundings. I also often look out the kitchen window in the mornings holding my cup of coffee to just enjoy the sights and sounds. Stillness even for 5 minutes a day is essential for me. Gives me strength for the immense amount of doing that needs to happen in the next year of my life.

    Time to grab my coffee and feel the warmth of the sun shining on my face and dazzle my eyes as it reflects of the freshly fallen snow.

    Thanks for this. Hugs. Alli

  5. Very good point. I find doing a yoga practice is my way of just being but maybe sometimes, that is even too much. I'm hoping to get a lot of "being" moments next week on the beach though :) Maybe that will set a new standard for my life and I'll bring that habit back with me from the Domincan.

  6. Love it! I'm so overwhelmed and exhausted by doing and not being. I'm definitely feeling the yin settling in.

    Happy Yulemas, friend!


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