Friday, November 26, 2010

What about VOUS?

Fellow EcoYogi(ni)s, in the spirit of giving I was wondering what interests YOU in the environmental (or maybe non-environmental) world. I am a fan of writing, but I've noticed that the eco-sphere is quietly changing. Here in blogland as well as on television (oh did I tell y'all that we have a tv now?? BOO- if you'd like I could write a post about that...).

(me in my soap making gear- from the soap post)
So- what I'm asking is:

What would YOU like to learn/hear more about from MOI?

(leave a comment anonymously if it's a tricky subject)

Look forward to hearing from VOUS!

(I apologize for the recent increase in French- in my new position I spend most of my days listening, reading, writing and speaking in French... it kinda has spilled over into my evenings and weekends!)


  1. Un post en fran├žais! *evil laughter*

  2. The more French, the merrier! I'm out of practice!

    Sorry not to be very helpful on this, but I'm happy to hear ANYTHING you have to write about!

  3. I'm wondering what kind of environmentally conscious bumper stickers I can put on my stretch-limo Humvee (.01 miles to the gallon) to make it eco-friendly...


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