Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moon Balm, Tubular Lip Balm & Five Seed Rad-ness

I LOVE getting mail. Seriously. For a while there, even bills made me happy (first few years of living away from home).

Recently, my friend Jen and I put in a quite substantial order with a fantabulous company.... Five Seed. (Weeee!!!!!) We had been actually talking about it for weeks and finally sat down with a list of things. Alright, Jen told me the three things she wanted and I kinda just went to town on my order.

Just this week we received an exciting repurposed box filled with fun goodies!

First of all, why do I love Five Seed?

Not only are the products made with the most ecological stringency, but they are hand made by Yancy herself. I have no idea how she does it, but they are amazing. Five Seed has amazing natural and healthy beauty and business philosophies and her blog not only celebrates her products but supports our non-beauty industry selves.

My favourite thing about Five Seed though? How transparent she is with her journey in ingredient and packaging choices. I love how she isn't afraid to talk about her challenges in packaging and addresses concerns openly and with integrity.

And ya know, her products really are frickin' amazing. (check out her etsy store!)

This order I was so excited to receive the following:
Check out the inside of the neat little 'Witch's Mini' tin! The Love Massage Oil smells delicious... I also adore the convenience of a little glass dropper!

My thoughts on the eco-packaging of the tubular lip balm:
I can see why she was wanting to use tubes, no need for messy fingers or cross contamination. I actually don't mind how they look, it's small and convenient. I'm not sure how the pushing up motion will fair out, but so far so good (and the sweet rosemary smells delicious!). It's really neat to know that Yancy really put a lot of thought and consideration into these tubes, and specified that they can actually be composted in municipal composting systems- unlike bio-plastic (yay!).
So although I know she's still looking into alternatives, her lip balms truly are amazing and this new tubular form truly is... rad. I like it!

Also part of the delivery came a few surprises including two packets of actual seeds (basil and radish, rooftop garden here I come!) and cards for randumosity and Bittersweet. Bittersweet is Aimee Fahey's drool worthy looking hand rolled truffles... yep- TRUFFLES. I may take the risk and actually make an order cuz have you seen her truffles???? Go see. Right now. YUM.

I don't usually go on so much about beauty products, but honestly eco-yogi(ni)s this stuff is just the bees knees. :)

 My stash of what Five Seed products I could find... it's growing!

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  1. i concur! fiveseed is my favourite shop!!

  2. Wow, I am having a good day today! I have gotten so much love, I can’t believe it! Thank you so so so much!

    I’m so glad you are enjoying everything. I’m still thinking through the lip balm challenges. I want to offer these tubes in the future, but pre-printed, of course! And with a harder formula. So far, mine (1/4 of the way through) just pops out when I push it up and then slides back in when I put the cap back on. I’m interested to see if there’s any problem when I get to the very bottom!

    I also plan to do an experiment on composting them. The company claims they are compostable in a home compost pile (though not a worm bin as they can be finicky). I’ll definitely try it when I’m done with my tube and report back to everyone!

    Again, thank you so much for your kind words. I love that you have all the “old logo” stuff, too! Do let me know if there are any probs and I will happily replace!


  3. P.S. I'm obsessed with Aimee's truffles. I've had two dozen so far and if I weren't so broke right now, I'd be enjoy Dozen #3 right now. LOL.

  4. holla for the five seed! the coconut vanilla body balm is so luscious :)

  5. Yay for your 5 Seed stash! The Sweet Rosemary lip balm smells sooooo good, doesn't it?! I have it here at work and every time I put it on I'm in a Sweet Rosemary bliss!

    Her hand/body balms work great on the face as a moisturizer too. You'd think it'd be too greasy but the oils/butters just blend right into the skin! I won't be buying any chemical-laden store bought face moisturizer ever again...

    Thanks for sharing your order, it's nice to see what everyone is ordering and how they like it.

  6. You are VERY welcome Yancy- if you ever make a face/body moisturizer in a large-ish container, let me know. I will buy it in a heartbeat!

    @T: I was wondering if I could use her hand balm as face moisturizer... i was even considering the moon balm lol. it smells so yummy.... :)

  7. I'm with everyone else,I love Five Seed. I havn't recieved anything that I don't love.


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