Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Final Count Down and Eco-Recap on this Wedding

T-minus one sleep until wedding weekend, 54 hours (as of right now) until we say 'I do'....

So I need to confess that the next few weeks may be a bit sparse on the posting. Although we don't have the big bucks for a honeymoon, a stay-neymoon is what's in the books.... and I'll be honest, after the ridiculously terrible experience this planning has been so far we'll need it.

So, our last 'eco' count on what we managed to do to make our wedding as low-footprint as we could...

- out of town eco-packages: homemade organic granola (with fair trade organic chocolate yum!) that I made last weekend, fair trade organic coffee from JustUs! both things that are in small mason jars we picked up from Value Village and friends. A local free newspaper, the Coast, apples and pears I bought from a local farmer at the farmer's market.
our coffee and granola!
- invitations: post consumer recycled paper printed at home and designed by yours truly :)
- minimal rsvps, rest by email (which actually didn't work.... phone calls were made)
- flowers are being picked up by the BTA (Bridal Team of Awesomeness) tomorrow from a local flower grower dude. I'm making my own bouquet (cannot wait!)
- ceremony decorations include Value Village ginormous mason jar finds with beeswax candles that the BTA and I made together.
- The Maid of Honour and Best Man are wearing clothing they already had... so no new 'never wear again' dresses or suits.
- our rings are both locally made and beautiful. (and conflict diamond free).
- The 'Guest Book' is a 'Guest Tree' that I painted and guests will put their thumb prints and sign their names as leaves with water-based paint. We're going to frame it afterwards.
Our Guest Tree and the table Enderby frame with the recycled paper Enderby sign (and Kitten).

- table decorations are wine bottles (choosing wine based on the shape and colour of the bottle really isn't the best idea for taste lol) local flowers and vintage frames bought at Value Village with pictures of us and places we've been together. The tables are named after those places (i.e. 'The Enderby Table, The New York Table').
- In lieu of favours we've donated to the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of those in our families who are survivors and those who have passed. We have a framed (old frame from my childhood room) sign for this (on recycled paper).
- We also encouraged guests to donate to either the Canadian Cancer Society or the David Suzuki Foundation in our names instead of giving gifts. This has already happened from my coworkers- so just that makes it worth it.
- on that same theme, our 'game' to get us to kiss is guests will have to donate money in a mason jar to the Canadian Cancer Society. Hopefully we'll be able to raise even more money :)
- We're having yoga that morning, breakfast will include homemade muffins by friends, homemade bread by Andrew and homemade granola by moi :) my father is making lobster chowder from lobsters he's kept (alive in huge holding traps in the ocean) for lunch.
- The reception is a black box- the Chef went out shopping this week for local fresh ingredients that he'll use with our chosen protein- chicken (he emailed me last night to say how excited he was to do this! the hors will also be as local as possible).
- The wine served is all Nova Scotian and yummy.
- My mom made 6 apple pies from local apples and 6 pumpkin pies for dessert.
-The cake is made with fair trade organic ingredients by a local baker.
- We're playing RockBand after a bit of dancing (ok, not green, but I'm SO excited about it!)
-homemade gourmet s'mores that evening... probably inside since it's going to rain. but that's ok.
- The venue recycles and composts... and so do all the cottages. No paper or plastic plates or utensils, all will be 'real'.

ummmm. I think that's it. I think.... stuff is kinda blurring together on crunch time.

We're off today to buy an umbrella, as LOTS of rain is headed our way. Perhaps I'll buy some cute rubber boots- I need them to walk to work during rainy days anyway. A Nova Scotian wedding could not be complete without rain and fog....  and the ocean!

Much Light to you!! I'll miss you for a few weeks, but the rest is MUCH needed. :)


  1. Wishing you love, peace and happiness this weekend and always xxx

  2. Enjoy this time now, you've worked so hard it's time to relax a bit and soak it all in. It sounds so wonderful.

  3. Have an absolutely fantastic day (week, month, year- don't limit yourself ;)

    Warm wishes of peace, joy and happiness coming in your direction.

    kt (a cunuck in england)

  4. Sounds absolutely LOVELY!! Love how so many things are made from scratch, by hand, with so much love. Love it when things have a story behind them. Can't wait to see the pictures later!

    Wishing you both infinite love and blessings. :) :) :) xxx

  5. So excited for your wedding and marriage. Weddings are so lovely and I can't wait to see pictures! : )

  6. I am a relatively new reader of your blog but wanted to say congratulations! Have a wonderful time!

    Your commitment to a green ceremony is awesome...thanks for sharing your journey!

  7. Heck yeah! I'm so excited and hope you have the best weekend of your life! Congrats to you and Andrew and enjoy the break after the wedding!

  8. CONGRATS gal! May Andrew and you have many, many wonderful memory making moments ahead of you for years and years to come! Enjoy your wedding weekend and spend some time relaxing afterward too!

  9. Congratulations! Enjoy your wedding!

  10. emerging from lurkdom to say..."is it here already?!?!?!"

    oh it sounds FAB!!

    my bestest wishes to the two of you.......

    enjoy your day!!!

    brightest, most Joy-FULL blessings..

    ~mel xo

  11. Wishing you and Andrew all the very best for your big day.

    Rain on your wedding day is considered a blessing in some cultures. Enjoy! :)

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! And now? Go have some fun!

  13. i love it all!!! especially the canned goodies :)

    many blessing to you and your husband as you venture on this new journey together...take care of each other's hearts...

  14. Happy happy wedding! Enjoy the post-nuptials break! Wishing you all good things.

  15. Mazal Tov! May you be blessed with a life of joy, learning, teaching, growth and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

  16. I wish you all the best on your happy (green) day.


  17. COngratulations to you and your partner on your marriage!

    May the coming years be filled with inspiration, great health and always laughter :)

    Much happiness and light!
    Namaste and thank you for your lovely blog !!

  18. ok so I'm not anywhere near getting married, but I really love your ideas and alternatives! I have added your blog to my new blogroll. I haven't posted anything just yet, but I soon will!

  19. It all sounds amazing Lisa, I wish the best for you guys this weekend! And enjoy your break, no pressure, but can't wait to see pics!


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