Monday, September 6, 2010

From Dr. Horrible to EcoToes

What I did this weekend:

Survived an entire day without power. Yep, no internet, television or stove. We ate hotdogs on our friend's BBQ and hung out. Cleaned the 20-odd wine bottles with the help of JenP and our scrubbing power. Note for all those future wine bottle cleaners- soaking them in hot water for three hours in the tub is not enough to remove glue. Unfortunately, in order to save our sanity, WD40 was used.

A lot of really terrible wine was drank as for a while I kept choosing wine for the perfect green bottles...

Went to Dr. Horrible Sing along Blog- stage adaptation at the Fringe Festival with friends. The only musical I have ever liked. Ever. Haven't seen it? Neil Patrick Harris in a comedic musical tragedy. Need I say more?
Yay my cute shoes! I heart them.
Received my extremely cute and environmentally friendly eco-toes wedding shoes/slippers from Infusion Fibres (etsy store, website). The insides are lined with certified organic cotton and the soles are recycled twill. I love that Abby, the textile artist was so willing to work with me on selecting fabric and colour choices. It was easy and they are beautifully made. I cannot wait to have comfy, cute shoes on my wedding day! She also makes gorgeous clutches and purses.

The finished product, two hours of work later. 
Free-hand penciled and then painted our Guest Book "Tree". Idea stolen from this wedding, I thought it would be a shame to buy a print of a tree and decided that I would paint ours. Umm. Since I am not really an artist, I forgot just how difficult painting a tree can be. My wonderful, genius Maid of Honour suggested that I take the trees on our bedspread as a guide. I couldn't trace them, but my free hand turned out pretty d*mn nice if I do say so myself.

Small, non toxic water based paint gouache circles in different fall colours (green, yellow, orange, red, brown) will be placed in small value village tea cup plates. Heather, my BTA (Bridal Team of Awesomeness) will act as guide for all those confused guests, helping them find their inner child, squish their thumb in the colour of their choice and make a leaf on our "Loved Ones" tree. After a quick wash with a cloth and water, a small signature finishes the deal and voila, we have a framable guest book.

Now if I can only figure out how I'm going to write "Andrew and Lisa,  October 16th 2010". I have terrible paint-font skills.

Happy Labour Day!

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  1. Looks beautiful! To put in the lettering, you could print out the font and size you want, then cut out the letters leaving a stencil to then fill in with ink or paint.

    I'm so envious of your wedding. My wedding was an eco-disaster in many ways. I just didn't know better back then! Someday I hope to have an anniversary party with a much more conscious celebration.

  2. OMG, those shoes are so beautiful I can't believe it! I'll have to remember to feature her on Five Seed!

  3. Sometimes those powerless days are most enjoyable. The shoes look amazingly comfortable and perfect for your wedding day. I'll have to check her out! And you do an absolutely amazing job free handing it I must say---it looks great!

  4. Instead of WD40 you can also use a bit of veg oil, let it soak a bit, then rub off with dish soap. This works fine as long as the item is not porous.

  5. You know what works well in place of WD40, is Everclear - straight up grain alcohol. We use it mainly as hand sanitizer (I fill a little spritzer bottle and keep it in my purse), but it does really well with taking most kinds of sticker goo off. Just spray (or dab) and rub, or in tougher cases scrape. I have used it to clean marker off my nieces hands (and my sisters leather couch). It works well to clean off pitch and certain kinds of stains.

  6. @Chandelle: good idea- i'll have to give it a try :)
    I think having eco-occasions is a wonderful idea!

    @A Green Spell: I know!! They are so beautiful and she's so wonderful to work with!

    @Simply Authentic: Thank you! I still have to erase the pencil... somehow lol

    @Melly: thanks- i'll have to try that in future attempts :)

    @Abby: not too sure where I can get that here, but thanks for the suggestion! it's too late for the bottles, but for future reference, it's great. :)

  7. those shoes are lovely, and for someone who isn't an artist..your tree is great!

  8. We are currently having daily power cuts of 6-8 hours a day... and still luckier than the majority of the population who have power only a few hours a day or none at all!

    It's a whole different world without electricity isn't it? Sometimes it's nice to be reminded of all we take for granted! :)

    Love the shoes and LOVE the tree- it's so gorgeous!

  9. Love the shoes and the tree. This is reminding me I need slippers now that it's fall and should browse etsy.


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