Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yogic Jewelery

I heart pretty things. Which means I have a weakness for sparkles and jewelery. In the past four years I've actually been extremely cautious with what jewelery pieces I buy. I really want to make sure it's something I'll wear, love and treasure for a long time. I also would much rather put a few extra dollars if the jewelery is made locally, sustainably or is spiritually meaningful (or all of the above).

I have a few Goddess pendants which are very special to me. Although I believe that spirituality comes from within, mantras, symbols and ritual (such as a yoga sequence) all hold power. I also am a firm believer that objects, like people, hold energy. I try to cleanse my spiritual jewelery often... but have left this to the wayside recently. The act of "cleansing" actually only requires my own inner grounding and connection to the energy, the breath, which surrounds me. 

If you ever have doubted how our energies can affect another, just be around someone who is negative or unhappy for a period of time. The nervous and negative "energy", which is characteristic of their breathing patterns, muscle tension and language used, will influence your state of mind and emotion. I say will, because breathing patterns and muscle tension has been documented to translate from conversational partners.

Yesterday Andrew, A. & D. and I went over to Bhavana Yoga Lifestyle on Quinpool. Such a treasure for local yogi(ni)s I highly recommend a visit should you be in Halifax.

Krista, the owner, has recently expanded her yoga book resource. It was wonderful to peruse through and she was able to direct me to a wonderful book by Michael Stone: Yoga for a World out of Balance. Of course it was the perfect book for me, a bonus to having Krista right there to help guide me.
My new bracelet amidst my faded "corn-based" go green bracelets

I also treated myself to a new Mantra beaded bracelet. I have been wearing my non-plastic "go green" bracelets that I had purchased while living in B.C. recently and fell in love with the cherry coloured "ahimsa" bracelets by Sonja Picard.

Sonja Picard is a Canadian jeweler who creates gorgeous yogic adornments. Each piece has a mantra, yogic symbol or yama. Although much of her jewelery is out of my price range, they are so meaningful and special. Sonja uses Canadian conflict-free diamonds as well as trying to work with local and sustainable resources. She has a set of pieces where 100% of the net profit is donated to one of five charities called the "Karma Collection".

 look closely, you can see "non injury" on this side
Krista informed me that the bracelet was unique in that the beads were prayer beads and the bracelets were one-offs she picked up while visiting Sonja in her studio in B.C.  Checking out the prices online, Krista really has comparable price levels and some beautiful pieces I don't see available online. My favourite is a beautiful long thin silver pendant with "Om namo shivaya" inscribed.

I wore the bracelet while practicing yoga outside today with friends. Although I usually keep jewelery to a minimum during physical practice, seeing the bracelet helped remind me to stay grounded, stay connected and take my sense of connection from the mat into my Life. This week I'll try to find a few moments to center, and cleanse my few spiritual pendants. As Autumn is a time for endings and thus new beginnings, it just feels like the right time.

Of course, owning jewelery with sanskrit inscribed does not make you "more" yogic or "more" of a yogi(ni). I feel I need to state this as there has been quite a bit of discussion in the blogsphere of late regarding the marketing of yoga. At the same time, as my spirituality certainly allows for symbols and tools to help make that connection between the Divine and the Earth, investing in a Canadian, sustainably conscious artist doesn't feel like buying an "Om" water bottle from Lulu.


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