Sunday, July 4, 2010

Moving Week: Trying to Keep it Low Impact

Moving in a sustainable way is tough! I will admit that we didn't do all we could have to make it sans carbon. It has definitely been a long week and Yoga in the Park yesterday was exactly what I needed. 
 Our cluttered but moved living room with a decorative and no longer working fireplace (ahhh, smores would have been tasty!)

How were some ways we kept it low impact? 

We got our friends to source some boxes, from their University department that had recently moved, to work paper staples boxes. We had at least forty boxes, 10 or which only held all our books. 

One box of books will be donated to a local library or bookstore (I kept forgetting to do that before we moved... so it got moved with us).

 Our new 'curio' cabinet for which I can place yoga things and books on display!
Andrew baked cupcakes which I took four and marched over to our former neighbours place. I had noticed that they got newspaper every morning. I offered an exchange- four cupcakes for previously read newspaper. We had enough to pack up all of our breakables.
 very cool molding and circle dealy in the ceiling- too bad it's no longer hooked up for a ridiculously huge chandelier. I like sparkly things...
No extra plastic packing stuffs went into wrapping our furniture or packing our things- old pillows, mats and blankets were used along with some packing foamies that I had saved from receiving packages last year.

We recycled all the boxes, paper and minimal plastic that went into the move.

We donated as much as we could to Value Village and the local transition house, I think we had one garbage bag from our purge.
Our cluttered but now CLEAN kitchen- so much bigger than our last one!
Cleaning both apartments (sigh, you'd think other people would actually clean before they left) we used low-impact products. 

Andrew and I are very fortunate as we had a lot of help during our move. My parents and brother and his girlfriend came up with both their pick up trucks which meant no rented truck and money saved (but a pretty significant carbon footprint for the three hour drive up and back... but what can ya do?). I have read over at An Adventure Called Bicycling how she moved her apartment via bicycle- which I think is ridiculously awesome. 
 Our very cool door and where our bikes now live!
We also had lots of friend help, from baking muffins (Jen knew I wouldn't eat breakfast otherwise!) to helping to furiously sweep and mop and move boxes... and still come out for Yoga in the Park. We're very lucky people :)

The actual move is done and we're trying to unpack and clean as much as possible while waiting for the walls to get painted (ick- toxic paints. wish we had a choice in the type of paint used). I heart our new neighbourhood very much: coffee shops, grocery stores and the farmer's market are all within walking distance. Along with a ten minute bike ride to the park- WOOT! :)

Happy Independence Day to all my American bloggy-friends!


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  1. Your apartment is BEAUTIFUL! I love it, thanks for sharing pictures. It's so fun to move to a new neighborhood, get settled, and get to know the area : )

    congrats on making it there!

  2. Love the new place. I especially like the curio cabinet and window in the kitchen for the plant. Congrats on the low impact move!
    Love the top picture, too. I've been reading via google reader so I haven't actually been to your page in awhile.

  3. For me the challenge with moving tends to be trying to keep it low impact on myself, since I tend to want to carry everything myself, in as few trips as possible...which of course creates the danger that I could end up messing my back up so badly that I'll have to drive everywhere for a while instead of biking or walking...

  4. Hi, I admire your commitment to the environment, these are amazing tips which I will keep in mind for when I next move. congratulations on the new place!

  5. Yay for you and congrats on your move! The apartment is lovely and the fact that you are within walking in biking distance to many places is wonderful! I envy you there! Hope you are well and getting settled in nicely!

  6. Wow, your apartment is STUNNING! I love it. And way to go on a green move! It is so hard to do but sounds like you did really well!

  7. How beautiful indeed - I like your idea of cluttered - would be lovely if my MUCH MORE CLUTTERED home were miraculously as neat as yours looks to me!
    & lovely job of 'moving green' - my daughter was able to get boxes from her work (mostly for paper) for her move, & family helped. My son uses his horse trailer for moves (I got the beni of that when I moved into my home ~ 7 years ago!)
    Thanks for sharing your Green Move ideas - & YEA on being so close to the places you frequent!

  8. Gorgeous flat-wowsa indeed!

    Is it in a Victorian mansion type place or a building (it has that mansion look-how old is the building I wonder?!)

    So much character and lovely high ceilings and wood floors too(bleh-I have carpet!)You two outdid yourself and I know how impossible it is to find a nice affordable central spot in the city!

    Is there laundry in your building ?(a must for me!)A shared balcony?
    And finally hopefully nonsmoking and respectful neighbours!

    Congrats on a beauty of a place and hope you have a housewarming gathering festival !!! ;)

  9. great apartment... although i see an electric stove. i looked for gas and failed, myself. sometimes there is a bit of compromise in apartments.. helps us in other places, too :)

  10. what a gorgeous apartment! Excellent job keeping it low impact :) it's so nice living close to amenities- i'm loving living in Toronto this month (although Montreal would have been fantastic!)

  11. thank you everyone for the lovely compliments! sadly no balcony- so garden had to be donated.
    Also- teehee, gas stove in an apartment in Halifax?? not in our budget sadly... :)

  12. Woo hoo! It's beautiful! Congrats on keeping your move as eco as possible!

  13. I love your new place! I can't wait to come and visit! :)

  14. The new place looks and sounds amazing. So glad the move went well and with so much help! Glad you're in a great neighborhood and it looks like the building's got quite a bit of history. I hope its a wonderful new home. :)

  15. What a great new place, it's beautiful!

  16. Beautiful new home. And you are such an inspiration. I just spent the weekend (yes, in the US, where I should have been watching fireworks) helping my mom move out of a home she has owned for 17 years. The waste made me sick. She threw out food, ate on paper plates, and even gave up recycling all the paper. I will say she used recycled boxes, at least. But it wsa painful for me. I am so grateful you posted this, as I have to move in about one month, and it's nice to know that it can be done better. Thank you, and congratulations. I love the photos!

  17. Congrats on making it through the move and your fabulous new place.

    Did you know that moving house is considered to be right up there in terms of creating stress? Apparently it's less stressful than going through the death of a loved one, but otherwise there's not a lot to compare to it!

    Blessings on your new place. I hope it is a happy, happy home. :)


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