Thursday, June 17, 2010

No longer an 'eco' wedding, but an Honest Wedding

Countdown, T minus uhhhh, wait gotta do the math-just under 4 months. Oh dear Goddess. I am getting married.... for REAL.

Hah, well I know what you're thinking. But after being engaged for almost two years, the whole wedding planning thing kind of loses it's shiny sparkly appeal, along with it's sense of reality. After a period of 'I will just ignore all this wedding crap until the FUN gets put back into Wedding-Fun', we had a crash re-introduction back into the planning storm.

Planning an environmentally friendly wedding has definitely been very interesting and not at ALL what I expected. For some reason I thought that planning a 'different' wedding would mean that the two year engagement would be kick bum. That I'd need all this extra time to source my eco-STUFF.

Haha, 'stuff'? Looking back I can see I really have come a long way in my environmental journey. I assumed I needed to find the cheapest, most eco-friendly wedding everything and that we would buy or DIY. *shakes her head*

At this point, with friends who are planning, I feel like I'm forgetting something. Friends are scurrying around, frantically getting everything together. And I'm well, alright. We just decided that the most important aspect of our wedding was the fact that we were getting married.

Basically the essentials are in place. I have my 'made in Canada' dress (being altered as we speak), we have a meeting with the Minister in July (yes, God is making an appearance, in French AND English!), our invitations are basically done and hangin' out in the mac's 'Pages' waiting to be printed on recycled paper, a venue and a guest list.I've decided that I'd leave decorating to the lowest priority. Sounds a bit crazy huh? It's what most brides obsess over- the details. But I figure, I really would drive myself crazy and I already have enough white wine bottles for random flowers. I also found about 16 HUGE mason jars at our local Value Village, perfect for the handmade beeswax candles that will circle our on the ocean alter. My mother agreed to making apple pies and freezing them for the wedding with local apples instead of cake (sigh, she makes such YUMMY apple pies).

I'm thinking of purchasing some handmade slippers for shoes on etsy... Favours? After both of our recent family experiences with cancer, we decided to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society in their names instead. Our venue should be decoration enough- ocean, fall leaves... what more could I ask for?

Last weekend my mother came up and together we found a beautiful dress for her to wear and she looked fabulous. The icing on the cake? It was made in Canada.

All my 'we're having a sustainable wedding' really has changed into the realization that we're having a meaningful and honest wedding that reflects us and our values. Instead of buying 'eco' things, we're leaving all the extra 'stuff' for what really matters. Of course getting Andrew's brother to donate his Guitar Hero (and possibly playstation3) and Rock Band for the reception is also honest and meaningful. Cuz who DOESN'T like rockin' out?

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  1. way to go...the most 'eco' is simplicity - less stuff, less waste. when i got married, my boss's gift was flowers - bouquets, everything, straight from her garden. dinner out afterwards and bada-bing. always keep the focus on what it's about - your commitment to each other. in the end the 'stuff' won't matter.

  2. I think it's awesome you're allowing it to evolve as you grow. That's all that matters (besides the actual marriage of course :-P)

  3. beautiful post! of course you'd be having an honest wedding! and even though you're not yet thinking about decorations, you're definitely thinking about details. homemade (local) apple pie? recycled wine bottles for flowers and mason jars for beeswax candles? those are amazing details! it sounds like it's going to be a beautiful, authentic, thoughtful ceremony. congrats!

  4. This all sounds amazing! And you're right - the fact that you're getting married really is the most important part - so often that's put second to the wedding!

  5. Sounds lovely,
    but even though I just had breakfast moments ago all I can think of is the
    home made APPLE PIE-drool......
    (a million times tastier than wedding cake....I may have to steal this idea one day of I ever get hitched....including blueberry pie!!!!)

  6. Your wedding sounds totally eco and very "you." We threw our wedding together in 2 months, then had a reception about 3 months after that, and we tried to do everything as sustainably as possible. I think we made out pretty well--being on such tight deadlines really made it easy to cut out all the unnecessary stuff and think outside the "wedding" box. I can't wait to hear how your wedding takes shape, and of course see pictures!

  7. I'm excited for your wedding and your marriage. : ) I'm sure it will be absolutely beautiful! All the candles sound very nice. A friend of mine is getting married next weekend, and has planned a very nice eco-friendly wedding. Simple but elegant invitation, asking for response by email, maps are on the website, etc. Funny thing, her grandma is making pies for the reception in lieu of cake!

    I'm a sap, but I love weddings!

  8. Yay for green weddings! Sounds like you are going to be one green, chillaxin' bride! ;) That's awesome.

  9. I am looking forward to it! It will be the best wedding I have ever attended because of its honesty! You have inspired us and have some amazing ideas (that we will borrow?)for when we finally tie the proverbial knot. Although, I think buying a house together counts almost as much! :)

  10. I've had the same eco-process you had with this wedding. And with the timeline (by the end of it, we'll nearly be at two years too.) I'm just happy for you to have this all coming together in a way that feels honest. And it's pretty sustainable too, mostly because there's not really "stuff" involved and just love, community, fun, and a lot of work.

    (and I actually hadn't read your post before mine this morning! But I think we were on similar wavelengths. This marriage journey has been really powerful, challenging, and affirming, all at once.)

  11. How exciting! Btw, I don't think I ever mentioned, but I too am Canadian :) I live in the states now (we moved here when I was younger) so I'm a dual citizen. Mais je manque le francais beaucoup! <3

  12. Sounds honestly green to me, I've just begun researching eco friendly weddings, we are going before the zoning board June 21st to see if we can host weddings at our Farm, i think your selection of a location only mother nature could create is fantastic! best of luck in the coming months

  13. Sounds like you are doing pretty well, actually! I did the best I could with my wedding: I wore a borrowed (slightly altered) dress, and we had vegetarian food. Many things weren't as I had hoped: it turned into a bit of a monster, and, frankly, we could have spent more time thinking about our actual marriage. So, with my 20-20 vision in hindsight, I think you have approached things completely the right way round!


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