Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today I focused on so much more than Earth Day

On this Earth Day I practiced Yin Yoga, and actually enjoyed it. I almost didn't write a post about Earth Day today. Honestly, I think there is way too much greenwashing ridiculousness going on with marketing (ahem, RW&Co's free 'biodegradable' water bottles that aren't actually 'biodegradable'). Sharon Astyk's rant on the topic basically fits my thought process. Also, her response is fantastic (specifically:
''...Greenwashing Isn't Just for Corporations
The central message of most Earth Day celebrations is that if we all do a little, we'll make the world a better place. But the fact is that that's not true, and as much as we like to hear such a friendly, fuzzy message, we can't make it factual just by wanting it to be true. The blunt reality is that unless we all do an awful lot, very fast, we're facing disaster...''  (Sharon Astyk, April 22nd 2010)

Please read both articles, Why I Hate Earth Day, and Why I Hate Earth Day II there is no bs-ing there... and she's right)

So my first reaction is to avoid the entire topic.

However, I did celebrate Earth Day today... I realized tonight that I did something differently than my usual days.

This morning, my sleep fogged brain was warmed by the beautiful sunlight through our windows. I spent a quiet moment being thankful that there were trees budding and Spring arriving. During my walk to meet my walk buddy, H., each flower budding seemed to pop, instilling that 'We are connected!' mantra I try to remember and often forget.

Tree leaf buds, flowers ready to burst open, completely invaded my perceptions on my walk home. My conversation with Andrew was continuously interrupted by my need to point out the tiny leaf buds about ready to unfurl on each tree, how some trees had delicate yellow flower-type buds. I quietly opened my heart and felt grateful for each small flower, green green grass and vibrant Life that enveloped us.

My Yin Yoga practice, usually so difficult, was strangely a perfect fit for my introspective day. Instead of filling it with consumerism, marketing or depressing contemplation on what I *should* be doing, I spent time reconnecting with *why* our Planet is so important to save in the first place.

Today, on Earth Day, I took time to notice and love the sunset on the water, the smell of the ocean in the air, the powerful and awe-inspiring Maritime Wind; as if the Goddess Herself was reminding us of Her presence.

Today I remember how fragile She really is, how precariously we sit on the balance of complete loss, and how very MUCH I need our Earth to survive Us.

Blessings and Happy Earth Day

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  1. A better wish I cannot summon! I agree with you.
    Great post!

  2. Yes - exactly. I didn't write about Earth Day for the same reasons...and yet, your celebration seemed absolutely perfect.

    You live your life in a way that I know makes the Earth smile...purposefully reconnecting to that on a day others may just use as a glimpse for awareness allows those around you to go a little deeper in their own connections as well.

    Thank you.

  3. Thanks for this post and for the links to those articles. I read both of them, and then I read a number of the comments. Another tough issue. I am ambivalent about Earth Day (and Earth Hour, etc.). I don't know whether the pros outweigh the cons. Ugh. It's all so depressing. Those articles were excellent, but I'm going to have to pour another glass of wine now.

  4. i keep hearing ads for some paper towel company doing an "eco-journey"- driving a hybrid across a few provinces. Here's an idea: hybrid or not, don't bother with the driving at all!
    My "celebration" of today was going for a jog outdoors rather than driving to yoga or the gym!

  5. I agree there is so much "Green this and green that" going on to make an extra green buck that would get my head spinning as I read labels and try to weed out those fakers. If people would just simply appreciate the sun that warms their face, the flowers that scent their yards, and the grass that tickles their feet the green movement might be more authentic for most folks.

  6. Well said, I have totally missed this event but the feelings are mutual towards it. Everyday should be Earth day!

  7. What a gentle, peaceful celebration. I didn't do anything major to "mark" Earth Day, either. I did to go to yoga class, though! I think I might love yin--I did a yin workshop with my regular instructor, and it was so intense and revitalizing. Aaaaaahhhhh.

  8. For the same reasons, I didn't necessarily "celebrate" Earth Day yesterday, aside from just living the way I normally do... but I do have a fun little Earth Day story I'd like to share:

    While I was walking to the subway on my way home from work, we experienced a spontaneous thunderstorm--the first of the season. Suddenly I found myself huddled under some scaffolding near an intersection, watching as the rain turned the street into a turbulent river in a matter of seconds. But instead of being angry or frustrated by the disruption of their evening commute, all the pedestrians--including myself--were smiling and laughing! We decided to make a run for it across the street, and all got completely drenched in the process. It was the most fun I've ever had with a group of strangers on my way home from work, and I couldn't help but think that it was mother nature's way of telling us all to lighten up a little. And what better day for such a message than Earth Day?

    Anyway, thanks for your post! Excellent, as usual :)

  9. Gosh, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I'm so sick of earth day. The sad thing is, I used to love it years ago! Then it turned into this grand merchandising opportunity.

    We need a *new* earth day.

  10. Yay! Wonderful, wonderful post. I was feeling that way, too, but I decided to ignore all the consumeristic crap and just throw myself into more green blogs, articles, and experiments. But it's so important for people to realize what's going on - that we've turned Earth Day into another holiday (aka an excuse to buy/promote cheap crap). So thanks for putting this out there!


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