Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yoga Adventure Time!

Spring was IN the air today here in Halifax. The sun was shining, no biting cold wind... It was beautiful. With a high of 7 Celcius Andrew and I were able to go for a walk down to the Hydrostone without hats, mittens or winter coats!!

This tiny peak into spring has coaxed my winter lock-down into opening and made me start to wonder at the possibilities. Of Guerilla Yoga!

We're coming up to another season of Yoga in the Park here. I have pictorial evidence of practicing yoga outside in May last year, so only a few short months away. I cannot wait. 

Unlike a structured class in a closed in studio, with social rules and 'yogic' etiquette, Guerrilla Yoga is so much more open. The entire premise of meeting in a free public space, without any huge commitments or expectations, being surrounded by friends and yogi-nis practicing on the 'stay off' fort... was perfect. This is what yoga community is about: practicing yoga together... because we want to.

This year may bring some changes, teachers wanting to change Yoga in the Park into a 'By Donation' event with a rotational schedule... which is fine. It doesn't fit with our sense of what it represents, a bunch of yogis practicing together in a public space. Then, Life is Change and that is what makes it interesting. Change allows us to grow.

So, we'll most likely keep our Guerrilla Yoga as it is, perhaps changing the time and day in order to avoid conflict with the new Yoga in the Park by donation. More yoga will allow for more community, just another option on the Wheel.

In the following months I'd like to challenge You Yogi-nis who yearn for something new in your practice. For those of you who have that little bit of a rebel, or Punk Yogic attitude, adding a bit of Adventure is the way to go! Some ideas to get your Guerrilla Yogi going:

- Have a Yoga in the Park already? Choose a different park or venue to practice with friends for free!
- Approach a homeless shelter and offer regular classes for those in need.
- Practice in unconventional areas like a rooftop so you can see the city.
- Feel really bold? Stage a 'Yoga-in' in a parking lot, on the waterfront in front of Lululemon... (lol).
- practice on any flat surface outside- a rock outcropping, an old fort, a picnic table, a warf...

The spring peak has created a restless feeling for something NEW. I challenge You to join me in this Adventure. :)

Who's with me?

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  1. I love it! Guerrilla yoga it up :)! How perfectly timed with my living yoga in action post which seems to have so much of the same lively motivation as yours does! I love the idea of creating a yoga group that is just for practice and not for pay! I think I am going to try to take this inspiration and cultivate something locally with my yogi and yogini buddies :).

    Also I have started teaching, for free, my "Yoga for Trauma Survivors" class in Florida--last week of yoga school and I have my first class to teach!

    Exciting spring that has sprung up so many new and exciting adventures--yogically and otherwise!

    Thanks for the inspiration Guerilla yogini :).


  2. I'm IN...I just need to find a good rebelious place to go! Will be thinking about it until it gets warmer!! I am so excited for summer too, it was 65 (f) here today!!! YIPPIE!

  3. Hooray! A yoga adventure is the best kind of adventure! Thanks for the challenge to try new and different things : )

  4. i am loving the thought of guerilla yoga. love doing yoga outside in nature. hugs!!

  5. oooh, i'm with you! this has given me the motivation to start up a guerilla yoga class in mtl! it's also starting to feel like spring here, believe it or not! plus 7 and sunny here today, too (though i have to admit that i distrust the abnormally warm weather ~ i might just wait until april to get guerilla yoga really going!)

  6. As you know, I'm a totally safe, conventional kinda yogi, so can't imagine doing anything "guerrilla"...sounds like lotsa fun for you crazy kids, though...

  7. I love this - have been thinking about teaching outside for the last year. I've just gotta go for it. On a side note, I practice in my backyard or on my backporch a lot in the warmer months. It is so nice to practice with the background noise of birds! Happy Monday!

  8. What about Guerrilla yoga on the other side of the ocean, say in Belgium? I have the perfect place, it's still a bit chilly here, but I'll definitely think about it when it gets warmer :-)

  9. The problem with Nova Scoita is, is it can have you believing it's spring, and then bam, snow storm! Why not yoga in the snow! I'll admit some poses are harder in snowpants, but that's part of the fun:)

  10. I wish my friends did yoga! It would be so fun to do yoga in the park with them. But, you have inspired me to try it this summer. I think I will invite my students first and then see what it grows into. Now I really have spring fever!

  11. Guerilla Yoga in my back garden just as soon as it's warm enough for sure!

  12. I love your outlook on life and bucking the system a!!
    We really all need to break free and be a bit more free and abandoned!(at least I need sound well versed on that!)

    One question you get people stop and stare at you with guerilla yoga?I would find it very disconcerting to have passrs by watching me-I am much too self conscious,and would take away the pleasure and retreat of yoga for me!!

  13. teach yoga to kindergarteners!

  14. Love this idea! Exciting and freeing...oh, and how I am longing to do yoga on-the-mat outside now that the sun has decided to return!!

  15. I love your idea! Considering the hot-humid weather in Hong Kong it would mean 9 months of open-air-hot-sweaty-yoga!I have no choice but to consider moving to another country! :)


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