Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fessin' up; Boho Style

In honour of Boho Mom, being Honest and Open, I thought I'd share a peak into the non-eco part of EcoYogini and Andrew's lives... Because as she so aptly pointed out, we all like to blog about our awesome attempts at healthy living, but I'd be remiss if I were to pretend I was 'eco' 100% of the time. It's part of the journey. :)

So here's my share today:

  • While cleaning the yoga studio today I used the non-eco spray to clean the gross toilet and sinks... along with WHITE WHITE paper towel since there *still* isn't a toilet bowl brush (ew!)
  • During the cleaning process I really did not think about how wonderful an opportunity it was to be connecting and helping the studio. Instead I thought about how the instructors really had no idea how to sweep the studio, tidy up or actually clean the Black Mat they practiced on. Ick.
  • Instead of walking downtown to check out the sights, Andrew and I drove... cuz we were lazy.
  • We also drove all the way out to Bayer's Lake to go to the Ginormous Chapters.
  • We bought starbucks in the PAPER cups, all the while I scorned their terrible recent attempts at greenwashing (ugh, renewable material cups? come on)
  • I bought two brand new books. I really love new books. They are my achilles eco-heel...
  • I had a moment of road rage and may have said some chosen words, perhaps a few gestures, to another driver.... Andrew was a little concerned lol.

A silly picture: Me and the 'test tube light' hanging during Nocturne this year

There you go! The two new books I bought today? Anatomy of Hatha Yoga by Dr. H. David Coulter and Organic Crops in Pots. I'm really excited about reading Dr. Coulter's book, mostly to see how my education in Anatomy and Physiology will mesh with his view of Yoga. I'm hoping I'll be able to apply what I know of physiology, as simply knowing the structures, without understanding how they work, is never enough. :)

How was your Sunday?

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  1. Too funny! I never thought about the things we DON'T talk about. I'll have to try to give everyone a more full picture in my blog. We're all only human, after all! :)

    And "achilles eco-heel." Totally awesome turn of phrase!

    How was the dress/spa day? I'm so excited for you!

  2. haha - LOVE it!!
    Excellent post - you crack me up!

    I too, am a chapters freak, and absolutely love the titles you picked up. (please write a post about organic crops in pots when
    you're finished that book)!!

    And...totally loving that adorable pic of you with the test tube chandelier - how cool is that

  3. What a great blog! I'm going to have to add you to my feed...

    Ok, I don't think buying books is so bad. Sounds like the ones you bought will be kept for research, and if not they are easily passed onto the next reader. Not much stuff in this world we can do that with.

    As for coffee...I'm here drinking my Biggby Iced Coffee in a big throwaway plastic cup...I've only been in one coffee shop that practiced what it preached. A steep discount if you use your own cup on coffee and tea.

  4. I love your are your pits feeling? Your post about that cracked me up. Sometimes we use chemicals for a reason I guess! : /

  5. Well, that's a relief...seeing the opening of this post, I was afraid you were gonna reveal your secret nuclear program or backyard factory farm, or how you've been intentionally creating as much greenhouse gas as possible so spring'll come earlier...

    My Sunday? I've been sitting around with an ankle that's in a lot of first thought I'd hurting it in yoga class yesterday, though that was in the morning I didn't feel anything until last night, and now, looking at the swelling and a suspicious little red mark, I'm suspecting this spider I saw hanging right near my chair bit me...which means I'm not feeling much ahimsa towards arachnids at the moment...though walking's currently too painful for me to go out and buy any toxic chemicals to eradicate their presence in the general environs...and perhaps I'll be feeling more yogic when the swelling goes down...okay, maybe not quite that, but the swelling's right where the foot meets the ankle...i.e. a part of the body that pretty much always engaged except when sleeping...ouch...

  6. so true. i feel like i have been eating take out more often and eating less locally than in past years. i tell myself it's okay because no one's perfect, and it's okay to have slip-ups now and then, but at the same time i still feel bad about not trying my best to reduce my impact.

    i spent my day lounging in bed and running/walking with the new favorite thing to do on the weekends. thinking about trying to make some gluten free brownies...will be sure to share the recipe once i get around to making them. happy weekend!

  7. Anatomy of Hatha Yoga is one of my FAVOURITE yoga books!!! That said it is WAY heavy going and there is soooooooooo much anatomy-speak... Don't feel dumb (I sure did), just skim those parts.

    It really does have some cool stuff in it though.

    Books like that are an investment! Don't feel too much eco-guilt - there's no such thing as NO footprint, only small footprints. :)

  8. Yes with LaG on the Coulter. I took notes while I read it to keep on task. That being said, it was truly useful in helping me understand a lot of what is going on in poses. So soldier on, it's worth it!

    Achilles Heel? Dish soap and ibuprophen.

  9. Confession: We use those awful white paper towels. Usually, however, we use them for only 2 things: cleaning up doggie accidents and for lining our bamboo steamer. Our toilet paper is also not recycled, as Costco doesn't carry any recycled brands and oh my Goddess it is just SO MUCH CHEAPER to buy TP at Costco. I also don't know where to buy lotion that doesn't come in plastic tubes or bottles. *sigh*

  10. Hey lady, thanks for this post!

  11. Eco Yogini! This woman -- -- is looking for eco-conscious creative Canadians who would like to be featured on a blog. I thought of you - but I didn't have your email address. Sorry for the public message!

  12. The worst thing is when you go grocery shopping and you forget your eco-bags in the car....or is that just me? :)

  13. Yoga Thang - I do that all the time. I tell the cashier to just put it all back in the cart and I'll back it back at the van. They look at me like I grew a 2nd head. lol


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