Sunday, March 28, 2010

Energy Exchange Update and a Chirping Concession

Another chilly day here in Halifax... My Coffee and Yoga group journey continues to forge forward despite how busy I have been with work 'parachutes' and professional presentation preparation (I'm presenting in French for government and medical officials!! ACK!).

With all that has been occurring trying to build this community, grassroots offering, I have decided that my energy exchange of cleaning the studio will soon come to a close. Working full time, practicing yoga at home and at the studios, planning a wedding, getting ready for Yoga in the Park AND organizing Coffee and Yoga is a lot... Thankfully, Sherry (owner of Breathing Space) already had a few other Yogis who were interested in an exchange! So, I am committed until the end of April, in case she needs time, but my days as the floor scrubbin' yogini are numbered.

Also, I have a few posts building up in my scattered brain, but they will both be guests posts of wonderful Yoginis shortly, so I will make sure to link up then! In the meantime, I also have news... 

I have caved and joined Twitter. Yep, me, the self-proclaimed Twitter-derisive-Yogini has a Twitter account (coffeeandyoga!). Helen Fong, a local Haligonian Yoga Teacher (she is wonderful to speak with!) provided a very convincing case as to why it would be helpful for the group. I guess lots of people use twitter as a means to find out latest events and news... who knew? So now, although I really don't think people care about what I'm doing every second, I'll be using twitter to send updates on blog posts, group news (including Yoga in the Park) and events.

Even though I'm the last person on the face of the Earth (except Andrew) who does not actually own a cell phone... 

On the group topic, a new post is up- 'Halifax Yoga on the Cheap', check it out!

Many Blessings and Happy Storm Full Moon!

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  1. Holy cow - you really do have a lot on your plate right now! I think it's great that you are paring down to give yourself room for all the amazing things you have put into action.

  2. You are busy Yogini!

    But I'll follow you here because I am not a twitterer.

    Happy Blogging!


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