Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snowstorm Coffee

I heard once that coffee was ok before Yoga, but definitely NOT ideal for afterwards... something about ruining all your beautiful efforts with caffeine and such. In any case, convincing Andrew to practice an hour of level 2 Vinyasa Flow on Yogaglo was quite the feat... and like a champ he didn't take one child's pose! GO Andrew! (run for the coffee shop!!)

We decided that a trip to JustUs! for locally roasted, fair trade organic coffee was in order... and that a snowstorm wasn't going to stop us. What, a little snow never comes between a Canadian and her coffee. Ever. (JustUs! in the snow- Heritage Building)

mmmm coffee

While we dried off inside, I noticed that the crazy hail-rain-snow had definitely changed to big beautiful flakes... perfect for a new header picture!! After a few verbal nudges to Andrew ('are you done your coffee yet???') I dashed outside like a silly kid and attempted several yoga poses... while people looked outside the windows. I'm sure, as always, we made an interesting pair. 

me trying to do halfmoon with snow-hail-rain pelting in my
In any case, I'm extremely pleased with the results, now when I look at my blog it matches what it's like outside (instead of thinking- hmmm I'm not wearing any shoes- weird).

Now that it has rained, hailed, snowed and changed back to hail, I think we are ready for a trip to a friends for a Blizzard Party- movies and beer!

Welcome January!


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  1. A warm drink in a sounds so cozy! Great new pictures!

  2. I always find joining yoga friends for coffee after yoga class just perfect, enhancing rather than ruining all our beautiful efforts. Can't say I've ever practiced yoga in the snow, though...

  3. love the new banner image ~ great way to start new year! happy 2010!

  4. i love your new header. i love watching them evolve :) hugs!!

  5. haha! I LOVE it!!! Your new banner absolutely rocks!!
    I love how you braved the snow for coffee - something I can definitely relate to as a fellow Canadian!
    And those pics are great!!!LOL
    Hooray for you for doing yoga poses in the middle of a winter storm.

  6. It all looks fab! I love the new header


  7. Last winter a friend and I skied several hours to a high mountain hut and we were all cozied in with our hot drinks when another group arrived. It had started snowing again and a few folks from this group went outside to the deck and were moving through a beautiful flow sequence, still in their ski clothes of course. It was such a great scene. Your new banner reminded me of this. Very nice.

  8. Yoga, Just Us coffee, snow... everything I love. Sounds like a perfect day. I love the new banner.

  9. i love how pretty things mean running around taking yoga pictures. what better compliment exists?


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