Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Five Seeds of Beauty.... and Chocolate!

More mail!!!

Over the past seven months I've been using Eminence, a product line from Hungary. The pros: they work ok, are made with organic ingredients, minimal synthetics and powered by renewable wind energy.

The crap: the containers are NOT recyclable, they come in another cardboard box, the cream and exfoliant have wasteful extra little spoons (also not recyclable) and they're made in Hungary and shipped to Vancouver first (so bypassing Nova Scotia) and then BACK to me.

Alright, enter my fantastic bloggy-friend GreenSpell. Earlier this month she made the courageous and exciting decision to open a beauty-line shop on etsy called 'Five Seed'. For months she had been considering changing life-routes, dissatisfied with her current career and wanting something more. Many of us can relate, having passions that fill us with Joy that we have slid aside for what society tells us to be more 'valuable' uses of our time.... conforming to regularity, to the norm.

Dove's Evolution- 'No Wonder our perceptions are so Skewed'
But those passions just don't go away, do they? We're left feeling a tiny emptiness, like something might be missing, always working away for that far off day when we can have enough ______ (time, money, energy etc) to pursue those insisting "peeps".

I am so inspired by Five Seed, because instead of squelching her dreams, Greenspell took a DEEP breath and plunged headfirst! 

Not only did she embrace her dreams in the face of such societal pressure to conform, but she Created a Beautiful and Exciting new venture. As she states on her blog, Five Seed is not simply a 'green' beauty shop, it's a Philosophy. An Empowering and Insightful Space.

Most beauty companies want you to buy MORE of their products and thus encourage 'fixing'- implying as a result that your face and body are sub-par.

Five Seed's Philosophy: Leave your face alone.

Instead of encouraging different products to buy, Five Seed takes the radical stance that our bodies are beautiful the way they are. I LOVE her suggestions, so simple, so honest and absolutely empowering. Seriously, check them out

So that is pretty darn cool, but NO she goes further in the coolness quotient. Five Seed uses only natural and mostly organic ingredients which are LISTED on all their products. Also, she has vowed to use as little plastic as possible. Yay! That means that her jars are in glass and her lip balms are in tins. She even ships her products in reused boxes with newspaper!!! Finally, she donates a portion of her profit to the Jane Goodall Institute (which is actually NOT just about helping apes!).

Friday, in the mail, I got a fantastic gift: a Cocoa Orange moisturizing lotion and peppermint cocoa lip balm!! They came wrapped in reused paper in a repurposed box (which I will use for my mailing!) and smell..... DIVINE. Seriously, I have no idea how she got such a CHOCOLATE smell into her products but I heart them very much!

I was a little nervous, I'll be honest, with trying a natural moisturizer... and was pleasantly surprised! It absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin feeling moisturized, smelling like chocolate (Yum!) and non-oily all day! Yesterday I even tried a bit on my face and it was perfect! The orange cocoa moisturizer has organic carrot seed and jojoba oil which are supposed to be great for your face's skin. Up here in the dry, cold North, they are wonderful. (mmmmm!)

I love that Five Seed talks about the differences between commercial and non-commercial moisturizers on their site. There are differences; like how it feels and looks. It's a quick adjustment though and I'm so excited for Greenspell!

Right now she's holding a special sale for Valentine's Day AND a giveaway!! (Go check it out!). Valentine's day is always bit tricky, and she has a perfect gift idea that's eco-friendly and fun! (I purchased the gift set and cannot wait for it to arrive, yay romantic evening!).

I am so inspired to Greenspell's Adventure and her choice to Listen. I hope you are too :) Please visit her fantastic blog, Five Seed, to read more about her Journey!

Many Blessings!

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  1. sounds wonderful! love the pics of you - you are so adorable!!

    hope you have a sparkly warm week. hugs!!

  2. I just received my first order of Five Seed products in the mail on Friday and they're wonderful! The cocoa butter soaks right in and leaves my skin smooth and soft. The lip balms are yummy. :-)

  3. Have you tried local Halifax organic gal The Soap Girl yet?
    Lovely stuff!

  4. How wonderful - and I agree with Melita, beautiful photos!! Can't wait to check this out...thanks for all of the wonderful info on it (and her!).

  5. thanks i will check her new store out. i agree with her philosophy that less is more when it comes to beauty and have followed that my whole life!

  6. Salutations friend! You are now the proud winner of the Best Blog Award! It is my pleasure to pass it along to you! You may come to my blog Artisan of the Human Spirit to pick up the emblem and do what you have to do! I recognize your efforts and skill and wanted to give you a well deserved atta-boy or atta-girl! Enjoy and congrats!

  7. I am speechless after reading this. I'm so very touched that you wrote about this, so supportively, AND...that you told my story and made it so personal. I am so grateful for your kindness!!

    And it was so amazing to see your pictures with my card and my lotion! How cool is that?!!

    I really can't thank you enough. I'm a little teary right now! :)

  8. I just logged out of Five Seed, and into my other blog, but I wanted to say one more thing, and not have to go back and re-log into my Five Seed account! ;)

    Anyway, that smell is pure cocoa butter. This is the best supply I've found - the smell is unbelievable! And you gotta love that it's organic and fair trade! Yes!!

  9. That picture of you smelling the lotion is too cute. You have the look of total sensory bliss!

  10. This is shameless bait and switch.

    I read through the entire article about makeup just waiting to get to the chocolate part. Then that turns out to be about chocolate makeup!

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Bob Weisenberg

  11. I ordered some stuff from 5 seed and I am SO EXCITED TO TRY IT!

    I plan on doing a little review of it when I receive it too...I totally support what she's doing (both the following-her-dreams part AND the amazing-ingredients-plus-no-waste part).

    Nice of you to do this little story, Lisa :)

  12. Sounds incredible! Definitely will have to check it out. I always like knowing exactly what's in my stuff!

  13. Love love love the idea about
    let it be

    Thankyou for that

  14. I totally wish I'd read this before I wrote the post I just wrote. How awesome! Maybe I'll streamline a bit after all...

  15. Love your blog because you always seem to know about other great blogs and products! I just left a commend on the 5 Seeds blog and hope to hear back soon. Thanks for sharing!


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