Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Unexpected Bliss... Music

Fun News!!
I wrote a guest post for Christine over at BlissChick a few weeks ago for her to post while she's recovering from her fantastic Kripalu DANCE experience (Yoga Dance- how cool is THAT?).

It's posted today!! A hint.... who knew Michael Jackson would grace my guitar?


  1. Yoga Dance? I'm running to her blog right now!

    Much Love,


  2. Jeeezzzus...you already put up like three or four posts for every one I manage to write...and now you're doing guest posts, even???!!!

    I bow down before you hardcore bloggers...

  3. Great post! I really loved it. I'm not musically inclined in any way, so my music bliss is blasting Britney Spears (when no one is around) and dancing around the house :D

  4. When I lived at Kripalu, they had Yoga Dance every day at noon, but on Saturdays they had live music with KDZ (Kripalu-based drumming band). Fanfreakingtastic.



  5. I enjoyed reading about your music bliss. As a music lover myself, I'd love to see a list of some of the musicians/bands you like to listen to. I love discovering new musicians!

  6. I enjoyed your post on Bliss Chick.
    I love that you mentioned Maynard's voice---I am in love with that voice (JUST the voice!)!
    I've seen him several times and it is always an amazing experience.

  7. Thanks guys! lol Dr. Jay- yes i LOVE to write.....

    I just need to make sure i save it up so that the posts aren't too boring! lol

    Maynard IS awesome... i wish those types of concerts weren't so crowded though- I'd have to stay WAY back, or I'd probably get a panic attack hah.

  8. great article!! I love your writing about soul stuff... It helps to put me in my "happy" place :)

    Happy Holidays!!



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