Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Seeing a Blue Moon through the Lights...

Tomorrow is New Years Eve... no resolutions pour moi, I don't think I have ever made them. That feeling of imposed expectations seems to loom over me... I could say that I want to practice more yoga, become more 'green' (whatever that means) but I'll end up doing that regardless.

Something that IS special about tomorrow, however, is the upcoming full moon. In fact, tomorrow will be a Blue Moon: a full moon that is not regularly timed in the lunar calendar. Due to the extra 11 or so lunar days in a year, every two or three years we have an extra moon, or 'blue moon'.

Not only is tomorrow evening a Blue Moon, but there will be a full lunar eclipse at 2:22 pm (eastern-atlantic time)! I have always loved the night sky, moon especially. Growing up I could always see the stars at night, since our neighbourhood doesn't have street lights or sidewalks, the milky way and constellations shone brightly. (northern hem. constellation) I used to sit outside in the summer with a constellation map and binoculars and examine the night sky.

Far more than the sun, the moon has always appealed to me. Perhaps it's the connection with the Feminine Devine. Brooks over at Yogic Muse has spoken about her love of the Sun, and it was a reminder of how much I prefer the moon and Her silvery light.

I always miss the starry sky in every city I've lived since I moved away. The light 'pollution' takes such a significant portion of the sky, stealing my favourite natural phenomenon away.

Light pollution is also known as photopollution and is defined by the International Dark Sky Association as ' Any adverse effect of artificial light including sky glow, glare, light trespass, light clutter, decreased visibility at night, and energywaste.[1]

Although easily scoffed, light pollution does have environmental impacts, the most obvious is the amount of energy required to produce such large amounts of artificial lighting. (Halifax skyline)
In the United States, over-illumination is responsible for approximately two BILLION barrels of oil usage per day. I know that in our apartment building hall, lobby and stairwell lights are left on 24 hours a day. Really... as if there is a need. Lighting is responsible for one-fourth of energy use worldwide.

Wikipedia also has some info on how light pollution can adversely affect animal and human physiology... although interesting, I would want to read a few more peer reviewed studies before I commented on this directly.

Halifax isn't a big city, at approximately 300,000, nevertheless the night sky is limited to a few random twinkles and that ever-present glow. Nova Scotia's provincial park- Kejimkujik will become among the first to be 'light-free' or a dark-sky preserve with artificial light becoming illegal. A very cool idea.

In order to celebrate the Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse, I'll be practicing a few Moon Salutations. Slightly different than Sun Salutations, adding some crescent moons between vinyasas in order to honour the Moon.

This sequence is slightly different than what I usually practice... but then I feel that while the Sun encourages routine and strength, the Moon fosters creativity and fluidity. Opening your heart and self to the inner Devine Feminine within, whether you're female or male. We all can nurture this sense of connection, love and empathy.

Practicing in the evening, while the moon shines brightly through the window becoming your only light. Since dark arrives early here in Halifax (ummm, 5pm currently) I'll have 20 minutes to Honour the Moon prior to getting gussied up for evening snack luck with friends!

I wish you all a wonderful, creative evening on this rare and beautiful Blue Moon... and maybe a quick glance up to see how your night sky seems...


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  1. Blue moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own...

    *Ahem* No question, there are lots of good reasons to practice more yoga and be more 'green' (whatever that means), but because you resolved to on New Years Eve isn't one of them.

    Since I make a point of staying in by myself on New Year's eve, moon salutations might be just the thing....

  2. Hi Ecoyogini!
    I am excited about the Blue Moon, too.

    And what you said about the sun being associated with routine and strength fits my recent study of it. Those are things I'd like to accurately harness, because I'm such a Moon Baby. Without the Sun, I'd just be an ineffective, creative puddle. I've been striving to shine out with my uniqueness, rather than hiding that.

    Happy Blue Moon New Year!

  3. Moon Salutations are a GREAT idea. : ) Happy new year to you and yours.

  4. Happiest of Blue Moons to you, Dear One....and a joyous and abundant 2010...

    There's nothing better than looking at the night sky without the light really is breathtaking..


  5. Awesome sequence - thanks for linking to that! I'll have to give it a try!

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your 2010 is full of happiness for you!

  6. New year's eve with blue moon and its really so interested and enjoyable..


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