Friday, October 30, 2009

Samhain Tarot Card Reading!

Halloween, Samhain- my favourite holiday of the year. It always has been, even before I recognized my "pagan" or "wiccy" tendencies. Something about the spooky magickal time when as a child anything seems possible. As I'm not well versed in traditions or history, I thought I'd just share a Samhain tradition with you! (ugh, 10 swords!)

While in grad school I began to read tarot. I have to admit that initially I was quite skeptical. I am an academic afterall. A hopeful academic though... and I secretly loved the idea of "magic".

So it was a surprise to find out that in four daily readings I pulled similar cards from the 78 in the deck. With increasing fervor they were indicating that a heart ache was to occur, and to get on with it. That very night I broke up with my two year boyfriend. I pulled the three of swords each time...

After a few crazy years in Montreal, I bought my very own deck, pretty wooden container and some protective and clearing stones. I don't read every day and I've only recently begun to understand the broader or more deeper meanings of the cards for myself. I find they are a nice, ritualistic way for me to take a few moments of self-reflection, centering myself and asking some questions that I may have been keeping tucked away. They typically never "tell" me anything that I don't already know, but allow me to consider some aspects of my question or life as it is, confronting a few realities. (my set up with the little "witch" handmade birthday card H. and K. gave me!)

Samhain is a nice time to read the Tarot, as the veils between the spirit and 'here' world are thin. I'll be reading my tarot again tomorrow night and perhaps Andrew's as well, if he wants.

Here's a general overview of my reading tonight. I set three candles on the table- Brown and Red as they are Autumn colours and white beeswax for purity. Usually I read on the floor, there's just so much more space, but I figured that might make for awkward pictures... lol.

I held the cards in my hands and breathed deeply, imagining my energy moving from the Earth up through the cards. I always feel the most silly when other people are around and I do this. However, I'm a firm believer in energies and how we affect ourselves and others... so there you have it.

I spread the cards out and slowly build the celtic cross reading, thinking of the meaning of each card position and moving my hand over the "rainbow" until I feel it tingle.

One by one I turn the cards and review their meanings with my trusty Tarot book (what you thought I just "know" each card?? lol, I totally read the book). There are four suits and 22 major arcana (I think of them as "power" cards). I have a general feel for the meaning of each suit and some major arcana are more familiar than others, mostly because I tend to pull the same set each time.

Tonight I asked about my future-job life. Pretty general and very obvious, it's up in the air right now. As you can see (hopefully) I pulled mostly swords (not so great) and four major arcana. Here's the breakdown:

Influencing factors: Justice (upright)

past influences: 10 swords (up) Question: Nine of Wands (up) Future: 8 swords (rev)
Obstacle:The Chariot

Root of issue: 5 swords (rev)

How I see myself: Temperance (rev)
Others see me: Wheel of Fortune (rev)
Hopes/Fears: Ten of Pentacles (up)
Final outcome: Page of Pentacles (up)

What I "saw" was a preparation for a difficult situation (job interview coming up?), with some purpose and willingness to help me along. Of course there's an indication to be patient as I hate not knowing my future, with a sense of balance wanted/needed in myself as well as others seeing my life as paused... with a hope for security and a message of "keep on truckin'"!

A few cards are slightly embarassing, the 8 of swords reversed, Temperance reversed and the 5 of swords... but then I knew I was out of balance and it's a gentle reminder to be patient and open to the change that will occur. I'll finish by sorting and cleansing (by gently fanning them) the cards and placing them back in their container.

Hope that was fun for you :)

Many Blessings to everyone this Samhain!

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  1. You celebrate Samhain??!!

    Doesn't that make you, like, y'know...EVIL...or something? I'm pretty sure my good upstanding fundamentalist Christian relatives would say so...if I asked...which I probably won't...since then I'd probably have to explain how I know you...y'know, the yoga blog connection...and how the reason we both have yoga blogs is that we both PRACTICE YOGA...which is like soooo totally EVIL & satanic & guess I'll probably skip it...

  2. LOL. I know- just read an article about how treats are cursed by the "unholy" trinity and that Halloween is a dedication to Lucifer and all the witches.... Bahaha.

    I am one SCARY pagan that's for sure. Children RUN screaming and adults grow boils and warts. the friggin' plague I say.

  3. I actually did grow boils around her once, so her words are not to be taken lightly!

  4. Lovely to see your witchy goodness...

    I read this earlier but your blog was obviously possessed by devils and I couldn't make a comment....


    A blessed Samhain to you and Andrew...

  5. Your post and your comment on my blog about Halloween as a time of rebirth inspire me to pull out my much favored zen tarot cards &do A miniature flight reading--and guess wha came up right at the base--rebirth. I do enjoy a good reading every now &then--thank you for putting rebirth into the focus of both my post today&apparently my reading as well! Happy haloween--deliriously post surgery your cyber friend Teresa at myembodiment!

  6. Sweet! Have you tried runes? They are so awesome! Silver Ravenwolf has even made a deck of runes, so for those who don't like to "toss stones," we can still read from actual cards.

    I just had a reading done about two weeks ago, and I have been wanting to share it...will get around to it soon!

    Thanks for the fun post!

  7. Blessed Samhain! Which deck do you use? I have several, though I didn't get to read on Samhain since I was laid low with allergies. :( Don't worry about that 10 of my readings, it usually means that the worst is over! My card used to be the 3 of Swords as well. Glad I got over that! :)

  8. I wish you could do a reading on me! I've tried to do them on myself, but they never work out well.

    I had one done at Little Mysteries last time I was in Halifax, but I ended up crying because I was told some really disappointing things. And then they came true! I guess that's the problem with wanting to know what will happen - I only ever want to know the good stuff.

  9. I would so love you to do a reading for me! I have a deck, too, and haven't pulled them out for a long spell. [no pun intended] But I will, and thank you for showing me how to set the "stage" for a reading. I adore your magikal spirit. Yes, keep on truckin'... You are a joy.


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