Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Personal Practice Adventure: Needing some Creativity!

Yogi/nis I must confess that I have been TIRED with my personal practice adventure. I have still been practicing alone at least once a week, often twice with my regular community/friend yoga... and after a few months I have to admit that balance needs to be key. It is time for a fantastic class. It is time to learn and grow.

Unfortunately, classes cost moneys and we most certainly don't have a lot of that. I can't even justify an "unlimited per month" or ten class pass. Saving ten dollars, or spending 130$ for a month of unlimited yoga is still 130$ a month. Which I do not have extra. Also, community classes seem to be at the worse possible times (Sundays, Saturday mornings early, Wednesday nights at 8pm...).

Thank goodness Leanne (Acro-Anusara Yogini extraordinaire!) informed us that our first class at 108 was FREE. YAY!!! Tonight we attended "Strength and Length" and it was phenomenal. It's a good thing that we went, I was about to burst into a zillion Lisa pieces (ew!). However, this did not happen. Instead a beautiful opening and strengthening practice helped soothe my scattered brain. Balancing was a little wonky... the "dark moon" was tipping me off my game.
(acro-yoga with Leanne last weekend (I'm flying), cider+yoga=awesome)

Although this class was fantastical and all that (did a supported hand stand!! WOOT!), it was a gentle reminder that I need to freshen up my home practice while waiting for the magickal Yoga-money-class Fairy to pay me a visit.

Well Personal Practice Adventurers (wow I chose a really long label for that!) I have found a new sequence resource! The Joy of Yoga.

This "new" blog is filled with posts of different sequence ideas for so many various types of practice. Emma, the author-yogini, is writing a book on yoga sequences and decided after watching Julie and Julia that it was time for some seva (selfless service)... and to share her wonderful knowledge and ideas with the yoga blogomunity! I put new in quotations because she's already posted so many useful sequences and seems to be like the Never Ending Story- a forever well of creativity!

It does involve a bit of translating and thought if you aren't used to the sanskrit terms for asanas, but she always adds the English name in brackets and a fun intro!

THIS is exactly what my Personal Adventure needed. Thank you so very much Emma! Please go check her site out- it's fantastic.

On other fantastic news... I won a painting!!! Lovely Lille over at Woodstock Lily had a contest a few weeks ago on naming her new house. I voted on Lily pad with several other peeps and the other day she announced that my name had been chosen. "Yay!" I thought- "Lily pad is a great name, I'm glad that it was the one!"....
(an homage to my excitedness- "walnut" pose!)

Well... I guess Lille actually meant "MY" name had been chosen...*blush*. Oops!! My life has been a little ridiculous lately, with job and life stress combined with sickness and moon cycles... I guess I've been a little spazzed. SO- Wonderful, patient Lille kindly gave me a little nudge today to wake me up and I am so excited! I've never won ANYTHING, not even those little bingo things my Grandmere used to win all the time. I did a little dance in my office, thank goodness no one was around to see!

Creative and giving Lille has contacted me and will be painting a wonderful, one of a kind creation, just pour moi!!! OUUU! I honestly cannot wait. I also LOVE getting mail, and personal art is the epitome of perfection, so this is perfect! I promise to take pictures whenever it arrives and to post them. Thank you so very much Lille! Her blog is fab, so filled with inspirational and uplifting posts, they always make me smile.

Many Blessings!

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  1. its always lovely to win. I never win :-(


  2. Yeah, that Joy of Yoga site looks really good. I'm sure you're already aware of other sites, like Yoga Journal, for example, that have a lot of free video material. There are a couple of new ones, but some of them charge a fee.

    Since you're into art and in the blogosphere I might assume you're familiar with this great Yoga related art site, but if not, and for your readers:


    I hope you'll post your custom art on your blog when it's done.

    Bob Weisenberg

  3. Thanks for pointing me to Joy of Yoga! We've been so busy that my practice has just dropped dead. :( Hopefully I can use her lovely sequences to get back in the rhythm!

    And how on Earth are you doing Acro-Yoga in *jeans*???

  4. Congrats on the win!

    I've been struggling with my PPA, too. Lack of time, and I've been struggling with injuries so often, it's ridiculous. Today was supposed to be my PPA day, but I walked six blocks yesterday holding my 3-year-old nephew and my arms and shoulders hurt so much I can hardly move! So I guess yoga is out. :(

    But...I'm trying to journal at least, and maybe...gasp...meditate!

  5. Hey there. Thanks for the shout out... shout out right back at you.



  6. Emma's blog is great, and I'm glad that it's a good resource for your practice. Congrats on your prize!

  7. It's hard to keep up with a daily home practice ... and sometimes a class is just what you need for the extra "oomph" and inspiration to gather with other yoginis. Hopefully, you can get that extra motivation from an occasional class without having to spend too much money. At our gym, yoga is all "pay extra" (beyond the general monthly fees), but they often have special events featuring yoga, which are always free! Just try and keep your eyes open for free classes and events and use those for ideas and inspiration to springboard your daily practice.

    Also, even though it's hard, I find that just carving out that extra time every night (or morning, or afternoon) and setting it aside as my yoga time makes it easier. Sometimes, when I think I might skip it, when my husband says to me, "you're doing yoga, right?" - it's enough to get me on the mat. He knows it's a part of my routine, and I'm always grateful when I am able to get to the practice.

    Keep it up and congratulations on your win!!!


  8. thanks everyone!! :)
    Bob: I checked out the art site- VERY cool :) thanks so much for sharing. I also enjoy the yogajournal's info- i'm not really into podcasts or vids, but then i think that's just my personality.

    Vegan: lol, it was actually not as tricky as i thought it would be... or maybe it's the spiked cider.... haha

  9. I've given you the Kreativ Blogger award. You can collect it here: http://renaissancegardenblog.blogspot.com/2009/10/kreativ-blogger-award.html
    Keep up the great blogging!


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