Monday, October 26, 2009

Adventure takes a turn at Letting Go

Personal Practice. When I began the Adventure series, my intention was to nourish a sense of sacred solitary space within myself and my practice. The intention that I set was simple and most likely to result in success: one solitary yoga practice a week. I viewed this adventure as being malleable and flexible with a journey that others could join should they feel the pull. At the time I was practicing at the park and at the Breathing Space Studio Karma class as well as beginning a "Friend" at home yoga practice.

It worked, setting a weekly day for my solitary practice with the intention and some fun links has helped me make myself at home on this section of the lily pad hopping path.

However, I think I'm getting a little heavy here. Water is seeping onto my green oasis as my solitary practice becomes heavy and burdensome. Breathing Space has canceled their Karma class (not sure when it will begin anew) and yoga in the park is in hibernation for the winter. Replacing those two yoga practices with more solitary practice felt horrifically unfair. Really, I wanted to stomp my foot and proclaim that yoga should be for everyone! Why is it so darn expensive to deepen and continue my practice? I just want to continue to learn.

These self-perpetuating thoughts made my practice heavy. I was sinking. Enter that pre-birthday conversation with Krista, owner of Bhavana Yoga Boutique. She asked me where I was practicing these days... no yoga instructor had ever asked me that. Asked in a manner that assumed that "well of course you're a yogini". I don't know why but it was what I needed to hear. I had started to feel that perhaps yoga was not in the cards for me, I was too much of a feminist, too passionate, too quick to react, too weak and unbendy. After five years of practice I can still just barely reach my toes in seated forward folds.

Along with a few flashes of insight, Krista also suggested I try an online membership to video yoga classes. My initial reaction was... um no thank you. I have such a block on following a dvd or video and I really hate committing to monthly payments of any kind. At the same time, I had given this considerable thought, but was put out by the amount of research necessary to sort through the good from the crap.

Krista's recommendation: YogaGlo. She brought it up on her mac right there in the store- you can choose the style, the instructor (with some big names) the length of class and the level. You can even watch online lectures on the Sutras. For 18$ a month you have unlimited video access and the first 15 days are free. The biggest turn around for myself though, was her recommendation. She loves it. It was interesting hearing her perspective; a more "senior" yoga practitioner in the city who has been having difficulty finding a suitable instructor to actually help her practice grow.

Halifax is filled with young instructors (some excellent!), but I could see how justifying the cost of attending a studio class would be tricky for long time practitioners. It also reminded me of all the "Babies teaching babies" discussions I've been reading around the yoga-blogland. But seriously, I am so done with the cyclical, no solution, negativity. So I didn't bring it up with Krista. :)

In any case, I am signing up. YogaGlo will be a nice in between for myself while waiting to hear whether I will actually be employed in February 2010. Once I get another contract, then I can consider investing in studio memberships. Also, H. offered to go half on the cost per month! Since she often practices with me here at the apartment, we'll both benefit from learning and she'll now have the option to practice on her time without depending on my schedule!

Finally, you may have noticed that the banner is new! I just couldn't seem to be happy with a traditional "Fall" picture. Yesterday, for my official birthday, Andrew and I took advantage of the 16 degree (celcius) fluke weather and had a picnic at a local "beach". I decided that some yoga could be fun and the pictures turned out great. It was so completely grounding and the ocean was just so powerful. I cannot believe I actually survived two whole years in the Interior (BC). As I type this I'm sitting out on our balcony, bundled up as the temp dropped again, home sick with a flu (not THE flu, but a head cold) and I can feel the ocean in the wind, always wind.

I'll leave you all with a (grainy and poor quality) video of the ocean I took with Andrew's camera. Just imagine the colours in the photos... only in the video as well. :)

How are you all doing with your Adventures?


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  1. Really enjoyed this blog for all kinds of reasons. Great pictures, new banner and video, too.


    Bob Weisenberg

  2. Love the new banner pic! Always nice to have a change.

    You may have looked into this already, but I have had several experiences with yoga studios where I got free classes for doing work for them. Sometimes they need front desk and administrative help, sometimes they need cleaning help or assistance with workshops and what not. If you haven't looked into it, that may help you. That worked really well for me for well over a year and helped to jumpstart my yoga practice.

    The video option sounds like a good one too, and you can take it at the pace you'd like and it gives you a lot of freedom. Let us know how it goes!

  3. thanks Bob :)

    Mambinki- you know I have thought about volunteering for class time... I know 108 already has someone cleaning the studio... and the only other service I could offer that I can think of, is consultation re: teaching yoga for individuals who have communication considerations (i.e. Autism to Aphasia to hearing impaired).

    A nice reminder though- I should look to see if other studios need some cleaning- or perhaps some consultation. you never know!

  4. After my post today, it's probably no surprise that I also recommend volunteering in exchange for free classes. I know a lot of studios around here do it, and it's worked out pretty well for me. I think it's definitely worth asking around to see if you can lend a hand!

  5. I've been struggling, too, with the change of seasons, and with boredom in my practice. I'm not sure what direction to take, but I'm intrigued by YogaGlo. I'll have to look into that.

    P.S. After three years, I still can't do Chaturanga, so I feel your frustration!!

  6. I've never heard of YogaGlo, and I would love to hear what you think of it! I've sort of let my practice go, and I could use a kickstart.

    GIRL. You are concerned about your forward bends when you've done AcroYoga and can hold a lovely Crow Pose? My arms are made of spaghetti! I WISH I had your problems! ;)

    I looooove the ocean video! I can't wait to go to the beach (Florida) next month!

  7. I'm in a similar boat, too, so to speak. I've started following classes on the YogaToday site.

    They have a weekly rotating session set outside in the western US - absolutely amazing backdrops of mountains, canyons, landscapes etc. It's free to just watch/follow the session each week, but if you want to save or download the session it costs $9.00 a mo for a memebership and I think $3.00 for a download.

    Love the banner! :)

  8. Thank you so much for introducing Yogaglo! What an amazing idea!

    I can totally sympathize with your budget conscious ways...Have you thought about yoga DVDs? I'm ok inventing shorter routines, but when I want a longer practice, I find I really enjoy home practice with a DVD. I absolutely love Eoin Finn (Power Yoga for Happiness and Power Yoga for Happiness Surf Edition...And there's a new one coming out November 15th called The Pursuit of Happy Hips)...I also know a lot of people who love Shiva Rae.

    Good luck!

  9. Ecoyogini,
    Are you going to get H1N1 flu shot?
    I was going to ,but wary now that I hear it contains mercury....

  10. Eco Yogini, I love the look of your blog. It's really gorgeous! I also wanted to let you know that has free hour-long yoga classes online. There's also with a 20-25 minute power podcast. Keep practicing, don't give up!

  11. Hello Lovely Yogini!
    I hope you enjoyed your birthday!
    I'm glad you are enjoying YogaGlo...
    There is a wee gift here that the Tonic ladies sent to thank you for the thumbs up you posted about them last month.
    When you have a moment to pop into Bhavana I will pass it along.
    See you soon!


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