Sunday, August 30, 2009

Creative Juicy Adventure

What a funky weekend. As Tropical Storm Danny blasted through Halifax, "Guerrilla Yoga" was transplanted to our apartment. Squeezing five yogis into our living room (spilling into our dining room/hallway) was Guerrilla Yoga-Lulu style. Despite the close quarters (with Andrew using the wall as a balancing prop, the cheater!) it was a blast, finished with some fair trade, organic coffee at JustUs! Spring Garden Road Cafe-YUM. *Update: Andrew just guestimated our yogic area to be 130 square feet (he actually used his measuring tape) and has assured me that it is in fact not a lot of space (which it wasn't).

That afternoon we decided that it was time to finally finish the "project create art" for our living room. Over the past several weeks I've been drawn to Connie's "Dirty Footprints" blog where her motto is living a Creative Juicy Life.

"A Creative Juicy Life Is: Dreaming in full colour
Breating Deep and Feeling Alive
Laughing so loud it scatters fear
Loving so large that there is no room for doubt
Creating each day into your best one yet."

Doesn't that sound FAB? She posts about her beautiful painting, colour, other Creative Juicy Peeps... and I guess I found my creative fairy again! Last summer when we moved into this tiny 600 square foot apartment, before we even bought a couch, I painted some "art" for the dining room. While painting, unsure how the heck it would look, Andrew "assured" me that whatever the finished product
may be... it was going up on the wall. Thank goodness it actually looks like a tree!

Fast forward a year and I've found that my creative little self only has begun to re-emerge with the first tiny hints of Autumn. So strange
that during this gearing down, harvesting season all I feel like doing is create, begin anew and write music. I even read my Tarot (the first time in months) and pulled the Fool... I took that as my hint and yesterday we bought two canvases and some paint. Yellow and Red in fact (I already had blue, green and white).

With those primary colours I began painting... the first two hours
occurred last night. I wasn't exactly pleased with the results, but hey, it was
colourful! A little too colourful, I love greens and blues, but it wasn't a part of my master plan... sooo mashed some more colours together and toned it down. A bit anyway.

Stage Deux of Creative Juicy Life was today for another two and a half hours. In my head the image was of a tiny little seed pod with some fiery LIFE bursting out and twirling into being. I think I was
supposed to have added some more yellow but got a bit carried away
with orange... and now it looks an awful lot like a fire breathing cauldron... lol.

However, like Andrew said, whatever happens it's going up on the wall. Which will be Stage Trois. Demain. Regarless of quality (or lack thereof) the re-emergence of my Creative Fairy has been fun and I'm pumped to see how my music will evolve!


**UPDATE: We put the painting up tonight! Of course, our apartment also only has metal studs (which explained why for the first painting we never found any studs. Picture knocking... so this actually made it easier to hang! We didn't have to be restricted by stud-guidelines. Ta Dah! (please ignore the PILES of books we have yet to shelve on the floor...) Thank you so much everyone for your oodles of support and kind words for my fire-breathing cauldron pod! The picture was taken from the outermost corner of our two foot hallway :)

Article and photos by EcoYogini at (a Creative Juicy Life convert!)


  1. I absolutely love it!!! Wow!!! I inspired this greatness!! Now I'm totally blushing!!

    You have an amazing way of blending colors so perfectly...and I love all the heart and thought and meaning that you put into your paintings...that is totally Creative Juicy!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this...and please...keep creating!!! (and show it with the world!!)

    Plus---you got The Fool card!! Life is going to get good for you! I love that card.

    Peace & Love,.

  2. Awesome! Fire is supposed to represent energy and I think your 'cauldron' resembles a potion pocket/pouch - sounds like an AWESOME addition to your wall to me! I applaud your adventurous, creative self there. Good Fairy!

  3. Those canvases look fantastic. So lively!

  4. Great colors! Yes, I hope you keep creating! :)

  5. i think your painting turned out so cool... a couple years ago i got really motivated to paint, but then lost my motivation and had a half finished painting lying around. now the bug has struck again - i want to do something for the bathroom like really simple sunflowers to brighten up the room.

  6. Love the colors! Funny you should be doing that this week as my hubby was painting up a storm this week too--he painted pictures of cute cats for me, lol.

  7. Your painting has totally inspired me! You must show pictures of it on your wall!

  8. I read lots of motivational books but that was excellent wording/visualization for starting your day.

  9. Connie: aww, thanks so much! Truly your site has been fantastic for me. GRIN, I know, the Fool is fantastic :)

    Sheila: you're right! I totally didn't even think about the fire=energy=life creation aspect... so I guess the fire breathing cauldron kinda works! Thanks! :)

    Talie: thank you!

    Emma: I'm not usually such an 'orange' y gal, but maybe for the fire=energy that Sheila pointed out... :) I'm not sure if this will be a regular occurance, but it was pretty darn fun!

    Julia: You shoudl TOTALLY do it! I think flowers or something fun is the perfect way to brighten a bathroom- does your new place have a window in your bathroom? Sigh, we don't and I really wished we did... if you do I hope you post pictures! :)

    Grace: that is funny! What a fantastic husband! so cute that he painted for you! are you going to post soem pictures?

    greenspell: thanks! Perhaps I'll add an adendum to this post after we put them up tonight :)

    Joy: you know, you are completely right! Connie has such a fantastic outlook on life, I love visiting her site it's SO uplifting!

  10. When I first glanced at this post, I thought the image at the top was a yoga mat! If only they came in such bright and vivid designs.

    Anyway, I'm so inspired by your creativity. Keep it up, and I'm looking forward to seeing the paintings on your living room wall.

  11. I like it bright and juicy - good for you!


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