Friday, July 17, 2009

The Wedding Blob

Try as I might, the Wedding Succubus is slowly taking over my thoughts... kinda like the blob, only fluffier. Trying to figure out what is necessary and what is wedding fluff and how can I make it more eco-friendly has been a bit, ridiculous.

One aspect I'm pumped about is total extra-non essential... drinking containers!! Since I really can't kid myself anymore, I'm just gonna cave and share with you all our fun collection of water recepticals: "My name is Lisa and I'm obsessed with my eco-friendly wedding...".

I got the idea to use clear wine bottles as water "jugs" at a local restaurant in Halifax, The Brooklyn Warehouse. They looked so fantastic with the water creating a frosted look. Although the restaurant most likely had them made special and were not actually upcycled, I thought why can't WE do this? We're getting married at a local vineyard... AND we drink WINE! Perfect.

As you see from our collection so far we have about 14 bottles... mostly from just our own wine-adventures over the past several months. So now when I go into the NSLC (liquor store) I look at white wine bottles that would LOOK cool when empty... which has resulted in some pretty gross white wine. Don't worry, none of the wine was sacrificed down the drain for this endeavour, plugging your nose for the first few glasses does the trick.

We have caved and bought red wines here and there... and continue to try to find sustainable wines. This actually is more complicated than simply asking the liquor store guy to show me their organic wines. We took wine totally for granted while living in the Okanagan Valley. Why would anyone buy wines that aren't local?? I began to question the level of "organic" with wines that had no certification symbols. Wines that were from countries that had different organic standards.

Nova Scotia actually has TEN vineyards (and if you check on the map, NS isn't exactly a huge province). Unfortunately only about 2 of the 10 are represented at the NSLC, so winery tours are in order (YES). On one such adventure we discovered l'Acadie Vineyards (near wolfville). They are a tiny vineyard that grow certified organic grapes!! YUM. So now I just have to convince a few friends to make another wine tour trip as my one bottle lasted, um, one night.

We also have a few friends who are joining in the wine-bottle collection upcycle to water-receptical adventure! J. even cleaned off the labels of her two donations!!

Now if I can just figure out the best way to sterilize them... any ideas? :)


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  1. Oh, good ol' fashioned boiling water, I'd say!!

    When people get their petticoats in a ruffle about *sterilizing* things I just have to smile...several microbiology courses as well as surgical suite training has taught me that unless it's been autoclaved and stored in a's NOT STERILE!!
    Guess what, all you germophobes out there-- the world is CRAWLING with can't escape them....muwahhahaha...Seriously though...filling them with boiling water will kill off most things...vinegar would too but then your water might end up tasting funny....;)

    Yay for you putting in the big eco-effort! It's going to be the coolest wedding, EVER!!

  2. "Hi, Lisa. My name is Yancy and I'm obsessed with food!" ;)

    (Ooops, I just published my real name! Oh well!)

    I LOVE this idea! It would be great at any location but the fact that you are getting married in a vineyard...well, perfection!

  3. The Blomidon Winery makes a delicious Rose. I am typically not a fan of Rose but this one is light, fruity but not sweet (I am not big on sweet wine)...the plus is that it comes in a clear bottle! You can pick it up at the NSLC on Quinpool. Diego and I can alos join in ont he mission! :)

    As for "sterlization" I completely agree with Mel...unless you have a vaccuum bet would be to douse them in boiling water OR make a steam bath with a huge pot. The steam is hotter than the boiling water so might ease your mind a little more...also if you cap them while they are hot then it helps to keep things relatively sterile inside during storage.

    I have a big pot if you are interested...I can lend it to you after our jamming exercise! Hope to see you soon!!! :)

  4. I love that idea! I have so many old bottles that I kept because I liked their color, shape or sentimental value and I never know what exactly to do with them. They would be great to serve water out of when I have guests over!

    ps- Thanks for checking out my blog, glad you liked the board :]

  5. I LOVE weddings and I LOVE eco-friendly efforts...Your wedding is going to be AMAZING!

    ...and yeah, I think boiling water in a big pot/witch cauldron is the best idea.

    Good luck!

  6. Hey ! I just hate wine and don't like to see even wine bottles. Anyways, you are doing good thing and it's environment friendly.

    Wedding is going to be great and have fun there. Have a great time...:)

    Keep working like what you are doing.. :) :)

    James from recycled products

  7. What a great idea! Not fun at all to empty all the wine though I'm sure... :)

    Back to the Ashtanga post...LOVE that studio, how awesome. The studio of my dreams!

  8. Mel: haha, ok ok, boiling water it is! Although, perhaps I could use vinegar for some "interesting" relatives... hahah NO NO.

    Yancy: Yay food!! (no worries! no one reads the comments here anyways lol).

    Alli: I will have to check it out- like you I'm not usually a fan of Rose wines, but am always willing to try :) WOOT for joining the water receptical effort! Jamming this week is going to be awesome!

    Carly: yes! a perfect summer water jug :) you're welcome!

    Alex: heh, cauldron- what a fun idea!

    James: thanks! lol a vineyard wedding or event wouldn't be ideal for you then!

    Mandy: oh gosh, the studio was fabulous. I wish it wasn't a zillion hours away- i'd go every week. That and the instructor was sooo phenomenal.

  9. Eco-Yogini, Just wanted to give you a shout out on this one; you inspired me to write a little something about the bottles! Good luck in your planning! Namaste, kitty on Shindigs and Soirees!

  10. yay you, i love the idea of collecting wine bottles as water jugs for weddings. someday when i get married i'm going to collect hordes of wine bottles, growlers, beer bottles (for mini flower arrangements), and small jars (for candle votives). at least that's idea.


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