Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Non-Attachment and Outdoor Yoga Obsession

Recently I have been reading a lot of beautiful, moving posts about non-attachment and letting go. Lolly Knitting Around's post was inspiring. A surprising one was Om Shanti's "Too Hot or Too Cold?" post regarding yogi/ni students' expectations and attachment. One that I can relate with often. As I become more confident in my practice and who I am as a person, it has been easier to get back out there and challenge myself to try new studios, new instructors or new yoga styles (re: hot yoga). I have been trying to find positive aspects to all of these practices, whether or not my final decision is that it may just not be for me.           (view from the top of the Fort today)

I also find myself viewing my practice, my classes and other students differently as I grow. For example, sometimes I find myself silently analyzing another student's yoga postures and compare their ability to mine. This has only begun to occur recently, as I've always struggled with almost each and every pose. Even child's pose was difficult. Now that some of the postures are coming more easily, I hear these small niggling "nyah nyah" thoughts in the back of my mind! I have to remember how far I've come and how far I have to go, Humility needs to be reinstated.                            (my quick Warrior II and DownDog)

Today was the perfect day to begin practicing non-attachment. I have been looking forward to another "Guerilla Yoga" experience since Saturday. Today will be the only warm day all week (mid-high twenties...celcius) and I was very excited to walk to the commons and practice with friends after work. My first lesson in letting go- the guys preferred practicing in the more private park. So off we went to Point Pleasant Park again, I decided to look forward to the beautiful ocean view from on top of the fort. However, we arrived and it was so windy even my heavy rubber mat was being lifted off the cement. Upon closer inspection, someone had broken a green Peller Estates tiny single wine bottle on top... Sigh. Beautiful tiny green sparkles threatened my feet and mat. So after a few pictures and gusts of powerful ocean wind, I climbed down and accepted yoga in mounds of worm poo.

Although the practice was less exhilirating, it became a more centered and calming practice. Camel and pigeon were easier on my knees and the wind still dipped through the grove. I felt strong and happy. We even had a few minute quiet meditative reflection at the end of our practice and the feel of the wind, the sound of the ocean and even the distant traffic sounds were more centering than any meditative music played during class (or quiet for that matter). (Andrew being weirded out cuz I wanted him in the picture in our actual yoga space below).

Today I practiced non-attachment surrounded by beauty I've vowed to try to protect.



  1. This is a beautiful post. I always learn something when I read your blog :-)

  2. Tried to post several times, but it wouldn't take my comments, so I'm abbreviating them here!

    Found your blog at Green Thistle a few days ago and really enjoy it. Great post today!(I've been reading Lolly Knitting Around for months, too, so it was neat to see the reference!)

    Keep it up!

  3. Thank you Vickie and Yoga Witch! :)
    I'm glad you enjoy the post- hopefully the weirdness with the commenting will clear up soon!


  4. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I'm passing on an award to you. See details here:

  5. Hey Lisa, I really love your blog...just think of worm poop as compost....! My fav place to practice is always outside. I just hate to be crammed in a hot sweaty room when I could be out in nature. When I lived in St.Thomas my porch was the best yoga studio ever!

  6. Great post. =) Funny how I was reading your yoga mat comparisons at the same time you were reading my rice post!! I have an organic cotton mat - or maybe it's some other natural fiber - been so long i forget, but it's not sticky. And it's really really hard to use! So I'm in the market for an eco friendly yoga mat.


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