Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Urban Gardener Extraordinaire!

I just placed an order for my yummy yummy legumes!! I was originally going to check out big companies like "Seeds for Change" mentioned in the previous post, my dad (who laughed a bit at my urban garden excitement) informed me of a more local company: "Vesey's". He even made sure to mention that yes, I can even order ORGANIC seeds from them! Oh dad, you think I'm silly. Anyhoo, they are based out of P.E.I. and have been around for 70 years.

In my excitement I have ordered the following three types of veggies:

1. Organic Napoli Carrots. They DID have rainbow and even purple carrots (my favourite!) but not organic. So I have opted to go as "zen" as possible for our future outdoor space. Mmmm carrots. Also, dad informed me that in order to save carrot seeds you have to leave some in the ground over winter until they "flower" in the spring. And according to him, they start to reek pretty badly. I guess he knows this because he actually forgot some carrots in his garden one year... hah.

2. Oregon Organic Sugar Peas. Mmmm, I LOVE peas and it will be fun to grow them! (I hope). We have a netting across our entire balcony (so pretty, I know) so I'm kinda thinking of letting the peas grow like a trellis on the netting.... although I'm not too sure how heavy they might get or if the super might get a little annoyed with that. We will see.

3. GARLIC. We eat a lot of garlic and I read that Nova Scotia was a fantastic place to grow them. Sadly they do not carry any spring organic varieties, but I will probably buy the Fall version depending on how we do this summer as URBAN GARDENERS!!

This is the next step in our "eco" adventure and I am very happy that we can live in an urban environment and still grow our own food. Also, having a quiet peaceful space to sit and be still will be wonderful in the summer time. I miss being able to practice yoga outside, I used to practice on the dock on Lake Kalamalka in BC and it was beautiful.

Yoga in the park it will have to be!


  1. That's where I buy my seeds from - Vesey's. Everything I need they have in organic except for the kale. I buy the regular seeds for that one. I've always (10 years) bought my seeds from this company. Their seeds are perfect for our zone. You'll have to post pictures later in the summer when your zen garden is well on its way. I love, love, love gardening (I just can't say it enough).

  2. FUN! I'm so excited!!! I'm glad their seeds are perfect, since I am definitely a 'newbie', so anything to make it easier is going to be needed lol. Pictures are a must! :)
    Thanks for the words of encouragement Vicki :)

  3. How exciting!! I get all excited thinking about growing things, too. :)


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