Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Water Bottle Pour Moi!

I need a water bottle- after all that about water bottles in my previous post my mother kindly reminded me of that point. Hah. That and I'm going to attempt a hot yoga class Sunday at the Moksha studio and it would probably be a good idea to bring some EAU. 

The comments on my previous post have shown me a few different options, along with my friend Jen who informed me of a Canadian water bottle company!

So I thought I'd share them with you! :)

These Stainless steel water bottles have the LOOK of Sigg without the silly inner lining and scary aluminum. They ARE uber sexy like Ebeans mentioned, giving the "trendy" factor. They were created by a couple in California and claim to be ethically made in China.

2. Innate (aka Bilt).
This is the Canadian company- WOOT. Although not as pretty looking, they are also made from stainless steel. 
However, this website has a TON more info on how the bottles are made and the checks and balances the company has put into place to assure fair labour and healthy production. They even have a section on "Transparency and Social Responsibility" explaining phtalates, BPA and how their bottles are made. I also like that they have a children's sippy cup with a three level lid; growing with the child so that the sippy cup can last longer! (check-out A-B-C modular drinking system). Their bottles are sold at MEC and across the country :) My favourite is this funky "Day of the dead" bottle :)

Unfortunately all these bottles seem to be made "away", either in China or in Sigg's case- Switzerland. However, Innate and Kleen Kantean by far provide the most info on where their bottles are made and how they monitor the production (third party monitoring organizations). 

Wish me luck on Sunday- I'm not too sure how this Hot Yoga class is going to go!


  1. I too am looking for a new water bottle. I was just going to go with SIGG, but a scary inside-the-bottle experience with an aluminum Gaiam bottle has caused me to reconsider. Thanks for the facts & research. I hope you have a slippery-fun time at yoga today!! :D

  2. OH GOSH! I love the moksha studio near my home!! have fun!


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