Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Green Beaver- Such a Fantastic Name!

After Aveda and I broke-up, I was determined to find a "green" alternative. After many months of trying out countless different "eco" shampoos, conditionners, facial cleansers and moisturizers I soon realized that this was NOT as easy as I thought it would be. "Greenwashing" is the new black and I figured out that just because I was looking at products being sold in a "health" store didn't mean they were chemical-free. If I was giving up Aveda for a healthier, chemical free option, I was not going halfway (with products like Alba "Organics" or Giovanni). So sometimes I'd just ask the store clerk for their "cleanest" products and I spent a LOT of time reading ingredients. (Yes, I am THAT person LOL) After trying about a half dozen different companies (and suffering through the bad shampoos, can't be throwing them all out! Goes against being eco lol), I FINALLY found a great product- The Green Beaver Company.

The Green Beaver Company not only has a fantastic name, but it is a Canadian Company- WOOT! They use fruits and herbs farmed in Canada and even indicate the province some of their ingredients come from on the bottle! Their website also lists all their ingredients and their harvesting practices (i.e. avoiding pesticide ridden ingredients and supporting Canadian farmers). 

I LOVE their facial cleanser: Daily Facial Cleanser with purifying grapefruit and soothing aloe. It's been an excellent cleanser while remaining gentle on my skin. I have found though, that as the winter months have progressed with colder, dryer temps (-15 Celcius etc) that I have to use my "Druide" creamy cleanser more often for moisture.

Their Facial Moisturizer: "Green Tea Facial Moisturizer" has been phenomenal! Who knew how difficult it is to find a non-oily, non-chemical moisturizer??? It has been absolutely perfect for my skin and the green tea is also a natural blemish-fighting agent (adult pimples-ACK). It's also non-scented! 

The colder weather also meant I needed a more intense body moisturizer. The "Après Ski Body Lotion" is kick-bum. Keeps my skin moisturized all day. The only complaint- it smells a lot like rosemary when you first slather it on- so I kinda smell like gravy for a few minutes.... But the smell fades before I even leave the house. (And my fiancé thinks I smell yummy- lol men!)

The only product that I've tried that I haven't liked: "Facial Exfoliant with gentle bamboo micro-fibers, purifying grapefruit & soothing aloe". Although they claim that these bamboo micro-fibers are gentle, they did feel pretty abrasive on my skin. There's also a lot of controversy around bamboo right now- but more on that in a future post :)

So YAY eco-facial and body products and YAY Green Beaver! I am still on the search for a comparable shampoo and conditionner... 

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  1. I love Green Beaver. In the winter I use the Après Ski moisturizer and it's wonderful... it doesn't leave you smelling like herbs :-) Because I'm a knitter I also use their Après Ski hand balm. I love this company.


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