Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sustainable AND Fabulous: Inner Fire

Over the past several years I've slowly replaced my Lulu yoga wardrobe with more sustainable and locally made products. The only Lululemon apparel that has survived my decade of yoga practice are the first pieces I ever bought, back when Lulu was actually MADE in Canada. The rest have stretched and worn away to being unwearable. 

In Halifax, the BEST place to get high quality and sustainably North American made yoga gear is Bhavana Yoga Boutique (above Heartwood). That said- you don't HAVE to practice in fancy schmancy yoga apparel- all yogis know this. But in the spirit of encouraging those who may feel the fashion urge to Lulu, I offer some gorgeous alternatives that will allow you to look fabulous without feeling embarrassed (which I do when I wear Lulu). 

Recently I discovered a fabulous Canadian company and purchased a pair of gorgeous yoga leggings that passed the "I am extremely bloated and uncomfortable from having ovaries the size of oranges and a line of bruises from nightly triple injections marching across my belly" IVF yoga practice. 

They are a Vancouver based company that makes the most vibrant yoga leggings (and tops) I have seen in a while. When I put on these leggings it was an instant KA-POW to my eyes. Which is, of course, the whole point. Loud colours with beautiful designs for me to gaze at during downward dog? Yes please!

These leggings are not only sweat-shop free and Canadian made, BUT they are made from recycled plastic bottles and are BPA free. Over 80% of my leggings are recycled material! #BAM

When I first tried them on at Bhavana, despite their visual smorsgabord, I was a little unsure due to their texture (a more nylon, galaxy leggings type feel- which makes sense from their recycled plastic origins), would be comfortable for a yoga practice. 

That said, Krista (Bhavana Queen), assured me they were ridiculously comfy and I did very much enjoy their large belly band (I am not a fan of the thin leggings belly band- I mean who really is?? Right?). So, purchased they were. For sizing- I am a size six and fit well into a medium. :)

I wore them for two yoga practices and as kickass leggings with an outfit for an entire day. 

Verdict: Love!
Although they are not the typical yoga fabric, these leggings move just as well during asana. Not bunching, pinching nor sliding. The wide belly band really is comfortable and as I got sweatier during my practice they only fit better. This is especially impressive since my belly at that time was so sensitive and enlarged from the IVF injections- even touching it hurt. 

A final bonus: unlike the typical fabric yoga pants I'm accustomed to, these leggings won't ever pill and the wear factor is significantly decreased. In other words, they will last longer... EcoBonus.

So, in the spirit of the holiday season, if you are looking for gift ideas for a fellow yogi (or yourself ;) ) Inner Fire will make the planet AND the yogi happy :)

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  1. I love them, and was going to order online. But I was wondering about the fit. Nice to hear they are so comfortable :)


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