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Practicing yoga in a studio can get pricey yo. For all my pocket-pinchin' peeps, here is a list of current, cheap, yoga classes in Halifax.

(this page isn't to deny that yoga teachers deserve to be paid a fair price for their skills, nor the very real cost of running a studio. It's simply recognizing that most of us can't afford 16-18$ a pop for a yoga class).

Halifax Yoga in the Park:
Every Sunday, 10am, we practice in Point Pleasant Park for free! A casual, all welcome, yoga practice that is led instead of "taught"- HYITP is a fabulous way to finish your weekend. Check out our Facebook group (Halifax Yoga in the Park) for updates or my page here on EcoYogini.

Yoga on the Hill:
Free lunch hour yoga on Citadel Hill with Helen Fong. Check her site for dates.


Lower Sackville Yoga Co-Op: Beginning in July- Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30pm OUTSIDE (donation)

108 Yoga: Thursday 8:15-9:15pm community class.

Moksha Halifax: Friday 9pm, Sunday 6pm

Moksha Bedford: Friday 8pm-9pm karma class

Bikram Halifax: Wednesday 7:30pm

Shanti Hot Yoga (Dartmouth and Bedford): Friday 8:00pm-9:00pm 'Yoga for the People' 5$minimum

Ocean Yoga Halifax: Pay what you want (see schedule)

108 Yoga: Mondays 8-9:15pm (5$+tax)

Pop Up Yoga Halifax: check out their facebook page for events. 5$ classes (neat idea!!)

Mystic Harp Studio: 10$ drop in. Mondays 5pm & Thursdays 8:45pm: partner yoga 5$ drop in

East of Centre: 10$ or what you can afford.

Recreation Centres: check out the rec centres for affordable classes!


If you know of events, special karma classes, or a studio I may have missed, please leave a comment and I will add!


  1. With thanks my friend!

    Libby from Bloomers

  2. Can you add to your list of yoga studios in your right hand column:

    Pure Freedom Yoga Studio

    They currently do Karma yoga classes when requested, don't have a regular time slot yet but hope to add one soon

    Thanks, Namaste

  3. Hi

    I use this page whenvever I am craving a class and recently rounded up some updated info - Thought I would share it here!

    “Karma” Yoga

    Halifax Yoga - Yoga to the People Karma Class - 7pm-8:15pm Sundays - all levels Vinyasa Flow class. $10 suggested donation

    Breathing Space – Halifax (Coburg and Oxford)
    Karma Yoga Thursdays 7:30pm - 8:45pm

    Vinyasa Flow class and your $5 donation will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada's Team in Training

    Breathing Space – Tantallon (Suite 108, St. Margaret's Square)
    Karma Yoga Fridays 6:30pm - 7:45pm Gentle Flow.

    Music & Yoga. All levels welcome. $5 for charity

    Shanti Hot Yoga – Dartmouth (114 Woodlawn Rd)
    Yoga for the People Fridays 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
    ($5 donation. walk in only)

    Shanti Hot Yoga – Bedford (Larry Uteck Blvd. & Nine Mile Drive)
    Yoga for the People 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    ($5 donation. walk in only)

    108 Yoga
    Strength & Length $5 drop-in 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM Mondays

    Moksha Halifax
    Karma – 6pm-7pm Sundays and 9pm-10pm Fridays
    (minimum $5.00 - all proceeds go to charity) popular so recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the class.

    Moksha Bedford
    Funky Friday Karma Class – 8pm-9pm Fridays
    (minimum $5.00 - all proceeds go to charity) popular so recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the class.

    Bikram Halifax Yoga
    90 minutes Karma Class - the first Sunday of every month at 3pm.

    Free Yoga

    Lululemon – Sunday mornings
    Fills up quickly – arrive early. Check their online schedule for times – it can vary.

    Halifax Regional Library – Check program listings
    Various times & locations. Usually gentle classes and/or laughter yoga with the wonderful Helen Fong

    “Affordable Yoga”

    Yoga Heart with Mandee Labelle
    Downtown Dartmouth
    Tues & Thurs 6pm -7:15pm or 7:30pm-8:45pm or double class 6pm-8:45pm
    $12 drop-in for one class, $16 drop-in for double class
    Find her here:

    Chebucto Yoga
    FYI – Chebucto yoga is now $12 drop in and has moved locations and changed their name.
    Find them here:

    Bikram Halifax Yoga
    Power Hours - $12/class
    6:30-7:30am Tues & Thurs and Mon-Thurs Noon to 1pm

    The Power Hour is a condensed Bikram yoga class which goes through 2 sets of Pranayama Breathing, 2 sets of Kapalbhati breathing, and 1 set of each posture. Comprehensible and accessible to absolutely anyone.

  4. Awesome post. If you're looking for an affordable yoga mat for travelers I would definitely recommend checking out Kulae's selection of yoga mats. Very good mats and very affordable.

    - Jackie O.

  5. Now I see that Ocean Yoga was already on your list. Thanks!!! Apologies for the double post - Shannon

  6. Hi, great post, thanks!
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