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Welcome to my "Eco Beauty List"- where I'll share my absolute favourite DIY body and beauty favourites that I use regularly. The list will be ever increasing as I try and discover the best that will make it into my everyday routine.

Face cleanser: Honey.
Yep, seriously, honey (for a variety of reasons linked in the post for your reading pleasure) has been an amazingly effective, moisturizing, antibacterial and effective face wash.

Moisturizer: (still searching!)

Exfoliant: Oatmeal Lavender Scrub.
This stuff seriously rocks and is so easy to make. All my friends are now converted (and were gifted small jars of my stash!)

Makeup remover: Jojoba Oil.
It's ridiculously effective and leaves my skin moisturized and soft all night!

Mask: Clay mask from Five Seed 
(love! Unfortunately she's not make it right now, but all her products are fabulous- worth the look!)

Dry skin (winter)- Calendula infused Coconut and Cocoa Butter
(easier to make than you'd think!)
Regular skin (summer)- Vanilla Coconut Oil
(VERY easy to make)

Body exfoliant: Honey Sugar Scrub
why people actually pay money for this stuff I have no idea. It's so easy to make and works miraculously.

Soap: Bar Soap 
That I purchase locally without palm oil or any nasty chemicals.

Still searching!


  1. For the hair department I'd suggest plain water :) For over a year now I've been shampoo-free. At first I used baking soda and apple cider vinegar (ACV), then only ACV, and once the year had passed tried only water. But yes, it took me over a year to establish balance in my hair and scalp.

    I'd also suggest nettles and green tea - although one must remember that tea is also used for colouring...

    I've been very happy with my choice :) (Googling no-poo should result for more info.)

  2. Have you tried Live Clean shampoos and conditioners? I love them and they are eco-friendly.

  3. Just out of curiosity, anything on natural fragrances? I love all things yummy smelling, but can't stand the thought of spraying myself, or my clothing, or my house, etc. with nasty chemicals. Honestly the stuff in most perfumes and air fresheners is revolting. Just curious to hear your thoughts. Cheers!

  4. Hi There. If you make your own home-made mayonaise (eggs, oil, etc), use this on your hair instead of conditioner. I have another recipe but its at home, will share is soon :) Jeanette

  5. HI
    If you're still searching for a 100% natural moisturiser please feel free to send me an email at and I'll arrange a free sample for you.
    For a hair wash, I recommend Moroccan lava clay (also called Rhassoul or Ghasoul clay). It's the only hair wash I use. No surfactants or any harsh chemicals and it leaves my hair shiny and bouncy.

  6. Your routine is so similar to mine! I wash my face with either plain water or finely ground oats mixed with green or chamomile tea. For a nice moisturizing mask I use honey and organic yogurt. When I need to exfoliate my body I use homemade sugar scrubs, and for moisturizing face & body I use almond oil, coconut oil, or a combination of the two with some cocoa butter mixed in - it's great. ;)

  7. I am a cancer patient and have recently put henna on my gray hair for my hair to turn orange. Do you have any natural ways to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.

  8. I had a hard time finding the perfect haircare routine too. I know a lot of people swear by no-washing or just washing with baking soda, but my research and personal experience has lead me to conclude that those methods do not work for everyone (we all produce different amounts of sebum). My routine contradicts a lot of advice in the all-natural, homemade blogosphere, but we're all different and this is what works for me. Maybe it will work for you too! :)
    My routine is
    1) True soap for cleansing--the same bar soap i use for my body
    2) A vinegar rinse to seal cuticles and prevent soap scum build up--2:1 mix of chamomile tea and distilled white vinegar that I rinse out afterward (otherwise very drying)
    3) No conditioner--I "condition" by using a boar bristle brush to spread my natural oils down the whole strand.

    If you're interested in trying, it may take a while to find the perfect length between washings for you (it's a balancing act between the cleansing power of your soap, the amount of sebum your scalp produces, and the length of your hair), but once you find the right balance I think you'll be very happy :)

    *Notes: if anyone's wondering "Why distilled white vinegar? Why not apple cider?" It's because I hated the smell of the ACV. The distilled white works just the same for me and has a subtle enough smell that the chamomile tea mostly covers it up. Plus, I have really long hair, and the distilled is way, way cheaper :)
    Also, I use a chamomile infusion because my reference book suggested it for light colored-hair. The recommendation for dark-colored hair was a lavender infusion

  9. I've been using the Rose lotion from Osha Mae for my face. I've also been using her Rose cleanser and toner. I have a combined skin type, prone to drying in the winter, and these products work very well for me. I am also still searching for the right shampoo/conditioner...

  10. My favorite face moisturizer is Jojoba oil, just a few drops heated in my palms before applying to my face (and sometimes to the tips of my hair).

  11. I'm going to try some of these recipes Ecoyogini! Thanks so much! I've made my own make-up remover for cents which I love and adore (filtered water, olive oil/coconut oil, 2 drops of live clean baby body wash). I want to try making my own soap.

  12. I started down the same natural path about 6 months ago. Ended up doing endless amount of internet research and lots of experimenting and after about 4 months I realised it doesn't need to be so complicated, your body can look after itself pretty well. It took me ages to find a company that was genuinely 100% natural, reasonably priced and in the uk! Have a look at www.hand made

    I used to use the oil cleansing method but now use a microfibre cloth to remove my makeup it's brilliant, otherwise I just wash my face with water, it teaches the sebum to balance itself. I never get an oily t zone anymore!

    For moisturiser, I used to use fancy natural ones, then realised the best ones were natural oils, I tried argan, coconut and rosehip oils then settled on unrefined shea butter, a great all body moisturiser, it feels rich but won't clog your pores, it works with your skins sebum and nourishes.

    For hair care, I've now got to water only washing, but my old routine I firstly applied unrefined coconut oil onto my hair and scalp leaving it for 20mins then used handmade naturals shampoo and conditioner, had really soft hair and didn't need to put any oils on afterwards.

    Don't be fooled by the no poo method (I know you weren't too keen anyways) but just because the products are natural (baking soda and apple cider vinegar) the pH level has to be taken into account, the body's skin and hair pH level is 4.5-5.5pH anything above or below this over a period of time is damaging. Acv even when diluted in water 1tsp in 500ml is 4pH and bs even when diluted in any amount of gallons of water will always be an alkaline. Going alkaline to acid is a similar process when dyeing your hair and you wouldn't do that every couple of days!

  13. I found straight raw shea butter to be a great moisturizer, and even hair product for taming those nasty hair days. But a little goes a long way! As for cleaning my hair, I found a 1:2 ratio of honey:water works well for me and a 1:3 ratio of apple cider vinegar works great as a conditioner to soften my hair, not to mention all of the amazing health benefits of apple cider vinegar!

  14. Great information. Do you have a brand/brands that you recommend for natural makeup?

  15. MOISTURIZER!!! I got you covered! its easy, 1/2 cup organic coconut oil, 1/2 cup organic palm sugar (or any sugar you want) 1 tsp of organic vanilla extract. Mix together, and slather all over your body and in circular motions untill sugar has dissolved. Pat dry out of the shower and WHA-LA! NO LOTION NEEDED. You will have never felt your skin feel as good as it does after the mix. You will be addicted. Have questions? or @FEDSOM VIA TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM


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