Eco Yogi

Welcome to my "Eco Yogi" page where all my absolute favourite "Eco Yoga" must haves are shared! An "essentials" list for those who'd like to make their yoga practice as low impact as possible.

Although "no mat" is best, for the regular yoga practitioner (and well most of us actually), a yoga mat is one of the essentials for the practice.
First choice- Rubber (Jade is my favourite)
Second choice- Jute
Third choice- Manduka eKo mat

Cork is my favourite, but bamboo rocks too.

Previously loved :)
Bamboo- not just any will do. Check out this post for details.
Organic Cotton
Made in Canada or the USA
(NOT Lululemon).

Non-heated yoga. Despite Moksha's excellent efforts in off-setting their carbon footprint, the reality is that they use a lot of energy in heating and water (washing and showers). Use your own body to create heat naturally.
See if they have eco friendly building supplies (paint, flooring etc) and recycle and compost. Ask for reusable mugs and washable towels instead of disposable paper cups, paper towels and bottled water.

Yoga Mat- Water and vinegar. That's honestly all you need. (avoid sun w rubber mat)
Clothing: cold water, hang to dry with eco laundry detergent.

Walk, public transit or ride your bike :)


  1. I just wanted to say. I just found your blog and luv it! I'll be reading it more. I'm in Truro and wish we had something like yoga in the park, I am really trying to be more natural, 24years old I think is as good as a time as any. =)

  2. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of your blog & love what you do. l recently made a few videos that I absolutely love practicing yoga to. They were inspired by Carl Sagan & I thought it would be really cool if you checked it out and gave me your thoughts & insights on them. Also, I put music in the videos by Daniel Hope, after I found out that he was inspired by Carl Sagan too. Hope you like them & hope to hear back from you!



    Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan:

    Look to the Skies for Imagination:

    A Tribute to Carl Sagan:

  3. Could you do a post about YogaShare to help spread the news?!
    And invite teachers to add their Karma/Donation classes...


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