Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY Gift Package How To

This year I am truly investing on DIY portions of the gift giving. Just to family (since our friend group decided no-gift exchange this year), but after FIVE batches of soap and a quick DIY body butter, search for free holiday gift labels on Pinterest and some voluntold hubby help we are well on our way to having our gift packages good to go.

(part of our gift packages- all wrapped up and labeled!)

How to Create a DIY EcoYogini Gift Package:

Firstly, spend a weekend (or evening) making some fabulous, environmentally friendly and relatively simple beauty/skin care products. Here are some that I included:
- Chocolate Whipped Body Butter
- Soap (takes 2 weeks to cure)
- Bath Oil
- Lip Scrubs
- Lavender oat face scrub

Other ideas include lip balms and hair pomade.

Find some small glass jars (either reuse some jam jars or purchase some small mason jars). Think of this package as sample sizes gift pack, so the jars can be smaller.

Print off some fabulous printable gift labels (mine are two rustic versions: here and here) off of Pinterest. Hole punch and write the ingredients of the products on the back (and label them something great, like "Cinnamon snap soap"). Tie to the jar or around the soap using cooking string. Done!

For the Soap:
If you have large soaps, cut them in half. Using parchment paper cut in 4inch wide pieces, fold the edges (all four), wrap up the soap, tie with the cooking string and attach the label.

Organize and place gifts in a small paper bag or nestle in a box and wrap up! (try some funky coloured newspaper for wrapping, trust me it can look fantastic!).

There you have it, beautiful DIY gifts that are easy on your pocket and the environment.


  1. I love it! I am doing something similar for my family :)

  2. haha "voluntold" I'm definitely going to start using that one!

  3. wow these are wonderful ideas and i absolutely loved the tags; thanks for the photo inspiration and ideas.


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