Sunday, March 8, 2009

International Women's Day!

Even though no specifically about the environment, International Women's Day is Yoga. IWD first began in 1911 and in some countries (Bulgaria, China, Russia and Vietnam) it's a national holiday! Today is the day where across the globe we celebrate the political, economical and equality achievements of women past, present and future. Through all the movements, protests and lobbying women have gained much in the past 100 years but unfortunately equality has still not been achieved. According to the Global Gender Gap Report women in Canada and the United States still get paid 71% to the man's dollar and Canada ranks below the USA (31st to their 27th) for the first time. In the USA mothers are 79% less likely to be hired than non-mothers with the same resume (IWD site).

As a yogini today I am grateful for all the hard work and passion that women past and present have endured so that I have the rights today. Traditionally, yoga was solely practiced by men and boys with women only being permitted to practice since the feminist movement. Despite the doom and gloom that I wrote above women have made ridiculous strides in the past century (can you imagine not being considered "human" enough to vote??) and as part of the bloggy land event kicked off by Connie from "Dirty Footprints" I am honoured to mention two extremely strong women who have inspired me in my life:

Starhawk (author and activist). For the past few decades Starhawk has been a passionate, moving voice in spiritual as well as environmental activism. Her book, The Earth Path speaks about how to make seed "bombs" and the global significance of Monsanto's seed patents. She has been hugely influential in the Goddess spiritual movement and has been extremely important in organizing protests and projects for our environment. So much hard work, I could only hope to have the courage and strength to one day make such a difference in our beautiful planet.

My Mother: The more I grow and experience, the more I recognize my mother's strength and seeming unconditional well of love. She is always there for me and has always encouraged me to go further and be stronger than I would have alone. If it weren't for her, I may not have continued to University, moved away and become the indepedent and passionate Woman I am today. My mother is the go-to person for her siblings, caring for her dying father and sister-in-law without protest while the rest of the family was able to simply grieve. I can only wish to have an iota of her strength and love one day. I love you mom!


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  1. What a beautiful post. It's so hard to imagine a time when women were not "permitted" to practice Yoga. Funny when you think of today, and how the studios are so filled with women--and women running them. Deep gratitude to those chicas that came before us.

    I believe you are one of those trail-blazers yourself for the future generation.

    Happy International Women's Day to you!!!

    Peace & Love.


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